The following rules are in place for the benefit of all forum members. They are designed to negate spam on the forum whilst providing genuine members a venue for the sale and request for material items.

Please adhere to these rules when placing ads in the For Sale & Wanted forum: -

1) To post a 'For Sale' ad, you must meet the following criteria: have been a registered member of this forum for more than 3-months. This requirement is to stop individuals joining the forum for the sole purpose of selling items. As all posts within this forum are moderated, the new post will only appear once a moderator has approved it (there will be a delay but we do try to clear the posts as soon as possible). If you do not meet this criteria, the post will be deleted without further notice. If you are a forum member who has been active for less than 3-months, you may contact the Admin (names shown in red) or Global Moderators (names shown in light blue) of this site and discuss what you would like to advertise - they may, but are not obliged to, allow you to post your item (this will depend entirely on whether they believe the post is in the best interest of the forum and members).

2) Please state in the Subject of your post whether the post is for an item that is For Sale or Wanted. For example: -

WANTED - Set of Wire Wheels for a Plus 4


FOR SALE - 1994 Morgan Plus 4

If you do not use the format shown above, your ad WILL NOT be approved. This format ensures your ad will be visible and not impact adversly on members of the site who do not wish to view the for sale or wanted ads

3) Please ensure that if the item is For Sale you include a Price - items offered for sale, which do not include a price, will not be approved.

4) Please think clearly about what you are asking for (Wanted) or what you are selling (For Sale) and try to include as many details as possible . Photographs are always beneficial and the FAQ on how to post photos can be found on this link .

5) This area of the site is not open to discussion and the only person who may add comment to the topic is the originator; this is allowed so that they may amend the details of the advertisement. All other comments will be automatically deleted. This ensures that ads are approved as quickly as possible and ensures this area of the site does not become cluttered with superfluous information.

6) This service is free, as per all other aspects of Talk Morgan, therefore TM Admin & Moderators reserve the right to delete any 'For Sale' or 'Wanted' ad that they feel is inappropriate for any reason and without explanation.

7) Do not post items that are for sale elsewhere if you are not the owner. This section of the site is not a discussion forum and therefore items that are advertised by other people, should not be posted or linked to from within this particular area of Talk Morgan. Should you wish to discuss a car, or any other item, that is for sale elsewhere, please do so in the relevant section of the site.

8) Buyers and Sellers use this section of the site at their own risk. Talk Morgan do not accept responsibility or liability for the items posted in this section of the site (or any other section). This forum is governed by the terms of use of the site which all members agree to as part of their use of the Talk Morgan.

Please respect this forum.

Talk Morgan Admin