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#151686 - 25/08/13 10:40 AM Re: Help advice needed [Re: 1955er]
Jack The Lad Offline
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Registered: 12/04/11
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Loc: The frozen North
I took SWMBO for a Ruby ( curry ) and let her pick the place . She spilt a fork full on her new blouse , and I on my best mog tee shirt . It's first to the loo this m/ing .
Being a soppy fool I came up with a trip back to Moffat ( Scotland ) for the w/end . So just getting ready . I was going to take the mog to a classic car show but its rained like hell and the grass will be soaked , No fun in sitting on wet grass .
Tell you about it when we return no doubt knowing me I will get a laugh out of it.

#151689 - 25/08/13 11:50 AM Re: Help advice needed [Re: Jack The Lad]
Digimap Offline

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Loc: Perth/Australia

Be very careful about offering your Pride & Joy around, because I think I could almost top that.

We took a small caravan around the NW of Western Australia behind a Subaru GSR some 37 years ago.

There are tails of exploding gas stoves, wife being sunstroke after going to sleep on the beach, me getting a knee full of coral spines and a massive infection, flat tyres, exhaust falling of the car, more flat tyres, caravan falling apart, leaving the wife and van on the side of he road 200km from the nearest town after both tyres went flat while i drove in to get them fixed. 1 single tyre shop closed for the weekend, got the keys and fixed them myself. wife in van, there was a total eclipse and a bloody great goanna sat out the front of the van and watched her for 2 hours, beet root spilling out of the fridge all over he floor and trying to patch the stone holes in the front of the van when we returned.

All this in a two week time span.

Watch that Mog if I come to town somestick
Graeme: 1988 4seater 4/4 & 2011 +4

#151730 - 25/08/13 05:06 PM Re: Help advice needed [Re: Digimap]
Graham, G4FUJ Offline
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Loc: Cheltenham, Glos. UK
I've seen the photos of the rear end of JT's Volvo...
All I can say is - good thing it wasn't some lesser tin box... scared
Graham (G4FUJ)

D8921 L44FOR '93 4/4 Giallo Fly 2 seat smile
'90 LR 90 SW
'07 MINI Cooper

#152039 - 27/08/13 10:53 AM Re: Help advice needed [Re: Graham, G4FUJ]
Jack The Lad Offline
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Registered: 12/04/11
Posts: 7775
Loc: The frozen North
Set off Sunday for Moffat ( Scotland ) a cracking drive over the A69 can't help but think 1/2 way over the scenary has not changed much since the Romans. I love the M6 from the border up its wide quiet and again has stunning grab you looks all around .
Arrived at the large Hotel and had not pre-booked ( large ears in our house HINT HINT ) . One chap on the door step chatting to his wife I walked in wrang the bell. A young girl arrived , the chap from the doorstep came in and as the young girl was going to attend to me first . I said " this gentleman was before me " . He booked a double room , I asked for one he had just got the last . Off to the Worlds most narrowest hotel . I booked a double room and it was spotless 80/-. Changed clothes lets go for a ride . Took the A708 it fantastic has everything a driver needs ( except two huge pot holes near Moffat ) drove to Tibby Shiels ? a hotel ( of a sort ) . We wanted the quiet walk and view of St Mary's loch and the water was like a mill pond, the scenary reflected like a huge photo on the lake . We sat on a log taking it all in , its what I had thought up at home . Anyone up their miss this hotel place out its not clean enough to stay scrap cars dumped in the grounds and campers place is very poor.
We headed to Selkirk for our tea but the roads are all up , OH lets head back to Moffat OK foot down and enjoying the road . As we we had past St Mary's loch we spotted road kill of birds etc now and again . Foot still down and approaching fast " What the hell is that " . Two Golden Eagles on the road one picking up a huge partridge the other getting his share of another . The first bird dropped it as it lifted its wings and flew into a tree nearby . I was not going to leave its takeaway . Wow what a sight . Entering Moffat SWMBO spotted an Italian and in we went its the 19c police station complete with the cells that still have the old doors and food hatch . I can only say 10 out of 10 for service and food one of the best Italians we have ate in .
Parked the car went for a late night walk then its bed time . With the hotel being so narrow it has a lane each side of it . I hit the deck , " What's that noise", looked out the window its next to the pub side door and a place for Horny young Turks to stand trying their charm on the girls while they drink beer . Can't they S*d off and let me have some sleep I never did such things . Instead just closed it and after a while I was out. But awoke it was so hot I had to try and sleep on top of the bed duvet . What a bad nights sleep I was roasting . The walls are so thick they retain the heat . Morning up and into the power shower ready for b/fast . I asked for a full Scottish b/fast but did not understand it meant feeding all of Scotland . By gum what a platefull everything , inc two rashers of lean bacon and a huge pork sausage all with very little fat after my cereal then the toat and m/lade . They know how to feed you up their . ( so full I had a light supper at home and nothing else all day. ) Paid by plastic , packed the car and had a walk about. There is a 1950s ice cream parlour that takes me back to being a school child that do the biggest Knickerboker glory and its all fresh but I had no room left , this chap took me along to his pal who is the local bird life boffin . Went to see the place we stayed in on our Wedding night and the same people still run it its the left side room in the roof that we stayed . Ah memories 30 year ago to day at 1pm I said " I do " . SWMBO has just given me a card I asked about the last 30 year and she told me well its never been dull . Well this evening I am going to that hotel in the mog for more food that should keep her happy for the next 30 year ( I HOPE ) .

Edited by Jack The Lad (27/08/13 11:00 AM)

#152065 - 27/08/13 03:04 PM Re: Help advice needed [Re: Jack The Lad]
Jays Offline

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Loc: Cumbria UK
"SWMBO has just given me a card I asked about the last 30 year and she told me well its never been dull"

I'm not surprised've been with us 2 1/2 years and thats never been dull either! cheers
Former Morgan owner. Gone but hopefully not forgotten!

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