Just 2 years after its debut at the 2006 Geneva Autoshow as a one off built to order for one of Morgan’s discerning customers, the AeroMax coupe has entered series production at the Morgan factory.

Such was the interest surrounding this unique design that it was decided, with the kind permission of its owner, to make a limited production run of 100 cars, all of which were sold within just a few weeks of its announcement.

Following a two year intense period of production development, and a number of minor improvements to the overall design, the first customer AeroMax is shortly to be delivered.

No expense has been spared in ensuring that the production quality mirrors expectations. Innovations include a world first, the use of high tech super formed aluminium panels for the entire body. This process allows the most complex of shapes to be made in aluminium which are then fitted over a traditional ash frame. Beautifully detailed inside, the coachbuilt ash frame proves that construction of the Morgan AeroMax remains true to Morgan philosophy. Using this unique mix of technology and high quality materials, the AeroMax is assembled with care and dedication by the craftsman and women in Malvern. This method of construction offers a minimum of carbon emissions and maximum sustainability.

The body is bolted to a stiff yet lightweight Aero 8 chassis which from 2008 is fitted with the 367Bhp 4.8 litre BMW V8 engine. This gives AeroMax performance to match its looks. For the first time a Morgan can have an automatic gearbox. The latest ZF 6HP 26 gearbox gives the fastest change in the world and endows the automatic with better acceleration and fuel economy than the manual thanks to its lock up clutch, low power loss and instant change characteristics. It also delivers lower CO2 emissions, 267 g/km, a figure not normally associated with a 0-62 mph (100 kph) capability of just 4.2 seconds and a top speed in excess of 170mph.

This will be the first Morgan to use Canbus software to control not only the engine functions but also some body technology such as lighting, wipers and instrumentation. Reassurance and security are provided by Electronic Brake Distribution, cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring, ABS and Siemens electronic airbags.

The twin electrically operated glass rear windows allow easy access for the optional stitched calf leather Connolly luggage.

The technically advanced engine and lightweight construction give the best of all worlds – performance, economy and low emissions, yet still with all of the safety systems one would expect in a modern performance car.

Morgan believes with AeroMax it leads the way in exclusive bespoke low volume car construction using quality raw materials and advanced technologies that are not available to Morgan’s competitors in the world of luxury car production. Owners of the Morgan AeroMax will be joining a very exclusive club with a unique opportunity to share their motoring dreams.