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#182284 - 16/02/14 05:17 PM Porsche Madness
Clipper Offline

Talk Morgan Addict

Registered: 14/03/12
Posts: 3348
Loc: South Yorks
I know Porsches are anathema to many Morgan owners, but I have fancied a classic Porker for a while and really, really, really want this gorgeous 1987 45k 930 Turbo.

There are loads of reasons why it doesn't make sense - lack of use, potential on going costs etc but I am still finding reasons to justify it love

Some of you have two plus Mogs which must be hard to justify.

Have offered to go halves with a friend - car share, but he is wavering so it might not happen.

It's been restored, new paint, rebuilt gearbox, newish turbo.

If anyone can talk me down from the precipice and away from this hopefully tempory Porsche induced madness it would be nice.

Very tempting I don't need it, but I need it. juggle






2017 Ravenblau Blue Aero 8
2010 Ferrari Blue Plus Four


#182286 - 16/02/14 05:33 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: Clipper]
DaveW Offline
Roadster Guru
Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 11/12/08
Posts: 17264
Loc: South Yorkshire
Sharing a car is a good way to lose a friend. Especially if there's a costly repair which one and not the other causes.
On the odd occasion I've shared a tool with a friend, it never worked out. Family might work, but what if the friend wants out before you do? Or vice versa.
Then it's a 27 year old car with shiny paint, but what's underneath? Are you prepared to have an engineers report, and have you checked out how you would insure a joint ownership car and what that would cost?
I can tackle a lot of jobs on old cars and I've toyed with the idea of a classic 911, but in my opinion, the enjoyment you'll get from one could easily go sour with a big bill or two.

On the subject of justifying it - to yourself or others? My view has always been if you have the space and want it, and can afford it - just do it. If your friend won't play, go for a cheaper 911 on your own and get it out of your system.
A mate of mine was desperate for a Jensen Interceptor. He knew the risks. I told him the same thing. Get one and you'll either love it or be rid within a year. It lasted a year.
I had the same experience with my Gilbern Invader. A massive disappointment.

There you go. End of sermon.

PS - or chop the Morgan in in part ex.

Edited by DaveW (16/02/14 05:35 PM)
Edit Reason: PS
2005 Corsa Red Roadster S1
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#182289 - 16/02/14 05:49 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: Clipper]
BertL Offline
Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 30/03/13
Posts: 602
Loc: Manitoba, Canada
"Halfers", Ummm, personally I wouldn't go there. During the mid-sixties my daily drive was a 356 B coupe which I did enjoy but always felt somewhat ambivalent about. I don't think I would go back down that road again.
Lustful ambitions, (women or automobiles)are always problematic. Seriously, I don't think anyone here can truly help solve your dilemma.

Bert & B1800
"Tis well enough to know how much to know; and when to know, not to know, too much."

#182293 - 16/02/14 05:55 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: Clipper]
Aeroman Offline

Talk Morgan Guru

Registered: 01/09/06
Posts: 7258
Loc: Eton, Berks
My brother and I share a track day car and it has worked really well. Apart from consumables, we share ALL costs 50:50 and it has not been a problem. We have a monthly spreadsheet that spells out our 'investment' into the car and what we both owe!

For me if fractional ownership is the way to go to realise your dream, why not? Just make sure you're both clear on the rules and then I'd go for it David, but do keep us all in the loop!

Good luck woohoo


Morgan SP1 (Rocket Red)
Morgan Plus 8 (Rocket Blue)
Morgan Plus 8 - Moss Box (Black)

#182307 - 16/02/14 06:46 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: Clipper]
MonteZooma Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 17/08/12
Posts: 983
Loc: UK, Lancashire

IMHO life is made up of a series of experiences; we only pass this way once and it's not a practice run...
(Sorry to all those who have a belief and for expressing this on a Sunday hide ).

I enjoyed my 911, they are a special and different car that, if you can, you should experience at least once. Apologies again to all for this heresy on a Morgan stronghold smile

Also, if I understand correctly, your last two Morgans have been a similar colour of blue, so it is even the right colour thumbs

From the photos, it looks to be a lovely car, with quite a bit of restoration work done, especially on the interior. But, DaveW's cautionary words are well put. You'd need to get a thorough PPI / engineering inspection done on it first so you go in with your eyes open.

Finally, noting Brian's comments about successful sharing with his brother, sharing with a friend would not be on my agenda, personally I'd tend to lean more to DaveW's advice again here.

Whatever you decide, good luck MZ.

#182314 - 16/02/14 07:08 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: MonteZooma]
Aeroman Offline

Talk Morgan Guru

Registered: 01/09/06
Posts: 7258
Loc: Eton, Berks
The doyen of Porsche Inspections is Peter Morgan and his team of engineers round the country.


Morgan SP1 (Rocket Red)
Morgan Plus 8 (Rocket Blue)
Morgan Plus 8 - Moss Box (Black)

#182317 - 16/02/14 07:32 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: Clipper]
Easter Offline
Talk Morgan Enthusiast

Registered: 11/05/09
Posts: 1554
My neighbour shares a 911 (997) with his brother-in-law, 6 months in they are still on speaking terms.

#182318 - 16/02/14 07:39 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: Clipper]
Dean-Royal Offline

Talk Morgan Addict

Registered: 02/01/12
Posts: 3615
Loc: UK (up north)
If your going to share, make sure you both have the same depth pockets spend
_________________________ Problem with your Colour, we offer TM members impartial advice.

#182320 - 16/02/14 07:45 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: Clipper]
Graham, G4FUJ Offline
Salty Sea Dog
Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 03/07/07
Posts: 22062
Loc: Cheltenham, Glos. UK
I regret not spending extra and buying a 911 instead of the Boxster. But, the 986 was a lot more practical proposition at the time.

You only live once. If a full report shows it to be a decent car, go for it. You shouldn't lose any money, they are an appreciating classic now.
Graham (G4FUJ)

D8921 L44FOR '93 4/4 Giallo Fly 2 seat smile
'90 LR 90 SW
'07 MINI Cooper

#182334 - 16/02/14 08:58 PM Re: Porsche Madness [Re: Clipper]
mutley Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 11/05/13
Posts: 824
Loc: scotland
We are on our 5th and with modern cars I hate the current 911 c4s it is dropping in value by around 8000 a year + service,insurance and running costs. We're by a classic it should keep its price but repair bills could go though the roof

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