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#297294 - 17/08/15 09:09 AM Mog meets Triking
mapman Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 19/01/15
Posts: 212
Loc: Shropshire, England
Last week my wife and I stayed in Cromford as a base for our touring holiday of The Peak District.

After unpacking at the hotel (Alison House) we decided to have a walk round the village.

As we came down the hill into The Market Place we couldn't believe our eyes as within half a mile of where we were staying we saw a 1985 Triking parked outside a shop. There was also a lovely left hand drive 1952 MG TD next to it so we had to go inside and introduce ourselves.

The cars are owned by Martin and Anne who run the Taylor - Wilde Chocolate Shop. They make lovely artisan chocolates from their base in Cromford and when its dry commute from home the 15 miles or so in their open top cars.

The next day I brought our M3W to park next to and compare the two three wheelers. Not something I thought I would ever get the chance to do as they are even rarer than Morgan's.

I did consider buying one for a while last year (especially after discovering TM!) but still opted for The Morgan so it was interesting to see what the Triking was like in the flesh.

We arranged to come back in the evening and I took Martin out for a long spin in my car and then we swapped and he gave me and then my wife an exhilarating spin in his.

So if you are ever in Cromford do look out for the cars parked outside the shop or go in to meet Martin and Anne.

They are always pleased to discuss cars and also make amazing chocolates!!

M3W 'The Mapmog' Built June 2015

#297300 - 17/08/15 09:22 AM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: mapman]
Marchogion Offline

Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 25/09/14
Posts: 332
Loc: Cotswolds
That was amazing - thanks for sharing the photo's. Don't you just love the triangular basket on the Triking.

2014 +4, Le Mans Blue / Magnolia
"Meg" the Mog

#297307 - 17/08/15 10:04 AM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: Marchogion]
PhilipNZ Offline
Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 17/04/15
Posts: 539
Loc: Auckland, New Zealand
Originally Posted By Marchogion
Don't you just love the triangular basket on the Triking.

Real cute smile
Great pictures again Mapman
Proud and delighted owner of a beautiful 2015 M3W

#297316 - 17/08/15 10:47 AM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: mapman]
NorthernMogman Offline
Talk Morgan Enthusiast

Registered: 17/11/10
Posts: 1647
Loc: Yorkshire
Excellent little story and great photos.
I ride through Cromford quite regularly in the summer, but I can't say i've noticed the Triking parked around. Probably too busy keeping my eyes on the road. It can be a busy little place. Especially on Sundays.

Thanks for sharing
Jaguar F-Type V6s roadster
2009 Harley Davidson XR1200
1986 Honda VFR750F (RC24)

#297328 - 17/08/15 11:56 AM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: mapman]
Richard - Aus Offline

Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 15/01/12
Posts: 14975
Loc: Perth, WA, Australia
Thanks for sharing MapMan - great set of pics.
1976 4/4 4 Seater

#297340 - 17/08/15 01:23 PM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: mapman]
Krod Offline
Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 14/07/11
Posts: 811
Loc: Florida, USA
it really makes the modern M3W look bloated.

#297341 - 17/08/15 01:28 PM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: mapman]
NeilL Offline

Talk Morgan Sage

Registered: 16/10/12
Posts: 6496
Loc: Warks
Very interesting comparison. First ever I would think. I do like Trikings even tho the nose is a tad too pointy for me and the back ends can look boxy.
How did u think the two cars compared when driving?

#297396 - 17/08/15 05:06 PM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: NeilL]
mapman Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 19/01/15
Posts: 212
Loc: Shropshire, England
Thanks for all the comments guys.

Gosh 4/4/ boy I never realised what a coup this was! I have only been a member of TM for a short while so have no idea if these sort of photos have been posted before.

The look of the two cars is purely in the eyes of the beholder and in any case its an unfair comparison as the Triking was 30 years old whereas the Morgan is a 'newer design' with modern components and niceties like a reverse gear. (although I believe new Trikings now have reverse?)
I personally much prefer the look of the Morgan but The Triking is certainly an attractive design too although the rear end in my opinion is quite ugly.

Due to insurance I wasn't able to drive the Triking and so became a passenger in a three wheeler for the first time. Gosh my wife is trusting and brave! I have no idea how much throttle Martin was giving but it was very fast indeed and handled as well as the Morgan. I am still driving my car gently in comparison and I still have a newish engine that I am sure will get quicker and run better as the miles increase (1700 at present) but I did think to myself how come this 1100cc Guzzi Engine is a lot faster than my S & S that is nearly double the size? It also seemed to pull better up hills too but Martin said come back and compare when mine has done 5000 more miles and has loosened up. I am also still learning how to get the best ratios too. So again the comparison is a bit unfair.

It does weigh quite a bit less for a start (I believe about 350kg) and that engine had done well over 40000 miles but I was impressed. Also at tick over there was virtually no vibration. Getting back into my car afterwards seemed like being sat on a BSA Gold Star after riding a Honda Four. There again I prefer a Gold Star!

I preferred the sound/music of the Morgan both at tick over, acceleration and especially overrun but The Triking certainly sounded good when pulling hard.

Martin was able to pull away from junctions and roundabouts in 'normal gears/revs' without any judder. Quite a contrast to putting the Mog into 1st before every stop and using a gentle clutch and high revs to pull away. I suspect the shaft drive is a much better system than the bevel/belt. It certainly seemed smoother with no bevel box noise like mine. The gear change sounded less smooth though and because of the shaft/gears arrangement the drivers side is very cramped compared with the Mog and I suspect for many drivers my size or bigger impossible to drive comfortably. I don't know if newer Trikings have more room now but getting back into mine seemed a lot nicer driving position/steering wheel position etc.

I liked the sealed rear wheel and swinging arm arrangement too but the fact that the panels are fibreglass gave everything a kit car feel rather than the factory quality that the Morgan gives.

I briefly considered buying one last year as the day before I went to test drive a Mog at the factory I was searching on the internet and found Talk Morgan. Reading the posts on the Three Wheeler made me feel very wary about buying one.

Note. Can we have a few more positive posts on here as well as solutions to problems please?

I held back from looking at one as I live a long way from Norfolk (where they are made) and I am only 18 miles from William's and 50 minutes away from MMC so with a long warranty and plenty of local support I went for the Mog and have no regrets at all. I absolutely love my Morgan and its worth every hard earnt penny I have spent on it. It is giving us so much pleasure and has opened up a new world to us. God forbid when I have to sell it will be easier to sell than a Triking and will get a better price being a recognised 'brand' that Morgan is.

However if Trikings were made just down the road I could well have been tempted to have had a closer look.

The above observations are purely my own thoughts from a 10 mile ride as a passenger and I am certainly no 'petrolhead journalist'.

Maybe someone could set up a proper test some time or does anyone know if it has ever been done?

Thanks again to Martin The Chocolatier for this unique opportunity.

M3W 'The Mapmog' Built June 2015

#297398 - 17/08/15 05:11 PM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: mapman]
NeilL Offline

Talk Morgan Sage

Registered: 16/10/12
Posts: 6496
Loc: Warks
I have never seen the two photographed together..side x IMO yes ..its a coup!

Unless anyone know differently??

#297399 - 17/08/15 05:19 PM Re: Mog meets Triking [Re: mapman]
Stringers Best Mate Offline

Charter Member

Registered: 16/10/13
Posts: 5929
Loc: Northamptonshire UK
It's horses and courses time again. Tony Divey was the man behind Triking and ran them as an ongoing developmental business that blossomed from his passion for the original three wheelers.

I think they are a massive success for him, although since his death they seem to have dropped off the radar, but were arguably the best of the three wheeled kit car bunch at the time.

For me, too small & too 'kit'. I live just up the road from Stanford Hall and most years they come along to the VMCC Founders Day rally, so I let a chap from Kettering have a drive around the field in the M3W and he preferred mine to his, so it's all subjective.

As to the negative comments, I'll leave that one to run.. #braveman!

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