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#341780 - 21/02/16 07:09 PM Stupid B*****ds!
GerryWal Offline
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Registered: 11/09/11
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Loc: Storford

So with road rage, uninsured vehicles and drivers high on booze or drugs, we now have this idiotic behaviour. '..forced to do it on the public roads..'- what absolute tosh!

#341781 - 21/02/16 07:10 PM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: GerryWal]
John V6 Offline

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Registered: 21/07/07
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Agreed. Track days exist.
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#341785 - 21/02/16 07:19 PM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: GerryWal]
deano Offline

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Total stupidity
Martin (Deano)

#341792 - 21/02/16 07:48 PM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: GerryWal]
Jack The Lad Offline
Posting Desperado
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Registered: 12/04/11
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Loc: The frozen North
Take the cars and crush them followed by banning them from driving for life. The law is to soft with idiots they can kill people and the family left have to live the rest of there life in pain why should these not get the same .

#341806 - 21/02/16 08:33 PM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: GerryWal]
Stringers Best Mate Offline

Talk Morgan Sage

Registered: 16/10/13
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You're a moderate then, JTL..?


#341816 - 21/02/16 09:34 PM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: Stringers Best Mate]
BobtheTrain Offline

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Registered: 15/04/14
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Mainly aimed at the younger generation but you might like to watch.
Best Regards
Lang may yer lum reek

#341862 - 22/02/16 09:08 AM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: Stringers Best Mate]
Jack The Lad Offline
Posting Desperado
Talk Morgan Guru

Registered: 12/04/11
Posts: 7775
Loc: The frozen North
No not at all a group of us best mates hung about grew up together . In the late 1980s one lads daughter was killed by an idiot. Brian went off the rails hit the bottle and his wife . He had lost his daughter but could not see his wife son mother and sisters had lost also, he would scream at people . I was the only one who tried to help him come to terms with his loss the others kept away ( says a lot ) . I don't drink but was walking home at 2 am after a drink , June said nothing just watched me try and pull him out of it. His wife asked for help . Do I chin him , he was on another planet . He then threatened me as I was trying to set up a going out party for all of us I was going to strap on my kilt . He turned violent with me and I just walked out on him . I suppose its better than fighting but it was very very hard on me . All the others who did bugger all thought i was hard . Brian is not the joker the could not care run after all the girls and laugh all day person . He hates everyone and everything . The last time I saw him was to tell him Fred had cancer and not long to go , he lives a 5 min walk away from Fred,s . He shut the door in my face twice .

That's the side of life others don't see and don't want to see.
Now you see why I come down hard on them .

Originally Posted By Stringers Best Mate
You're a moderate then, JTL..?


#341866 - 22/02/16 09:54 AM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: GerryWal]
Cain Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 27/12/11
Posts: 484
Loc: Cambridgeshire
It's a shame, that this could not be turned into an event for the area what a missed opportunity...and you have to admire the drivers talent.

The sound from the gouge eco across the moon light night must be rapture to a petrol heads ears.

Just need a proper road closure, what a spectacle candy floss and a hog roast with cheese a true attraction in a set in stunning back drop!

How sad it is not and just condemned out right.

I do agree that in it's present form it is not the best thing to do!
But they do have a modicum of brains as they have lookouts that I presume inform the drivers of oncoming traffic....

If a driver kills himself and trashes his car that is one thing but not an innocent.

Remember Mike Hawthorn still a motoring legend 'doing the same thing'

On 22 January 1959,Hawthorn died in a car accident on the A3 Guildford bypass while driving his comprehensively-modified 1958 Jaguar 3.4-litre saloon (now known as the 3.4 Mk 1) VDU 881 to London. While the circumstances of the accident are well documented.

The accident occurred on a notoriously dangerous section of the road, the scene of 15 serious accidents (two fatal) in the previous two years; the road was also wet at the time. Driving at speed (one witness estimated 80 m.p.h.), Hawthorn overtook a Mercedes-Benz 300SL 'gull-wing' sports car driven by an acquaintance, the motor racing team manager Rob Walker. On entering a right-hand bend shortly after passing the Mercedes, Hawthorn clipped a 'Keep Left' bollard dividing the two carriageways, causing him to lose control. The Jaguar glanced an oncoming Bedford lorry before careering back across the eastbound carriageway sideways into a roadside tree, uprooting it. The impact occasioned Hawthorn fatal head injuries and propelled him onto the rear seat.

Wolf Cafe Racer
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#341914 - 22/02/16 03:30 PM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: GerryWal]
KBMOG Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 11/05/14
Posts: 316
Loc: North London
That film posted by Gerry had great significance for me.

14 years ago I was with my oldest son (who was 30 at the time) in Italy, in a Caterham 7 that I had built a few years previously. My son wanted to visit the Ferrari factory and when your 30 year old son suggets that you and he go and do that in the car you built yourselves, you don't turn down that opportunity. It is simply something that money can't buy.

It was late in the evening and I had spent the day driving across France, so no doubt I was fairly tired. We pulled into a petrol station in Turin before trying to find somewhere to stay for the night and when we pulled out of the filling station we were hit by a speeding motorist. I did not see this car comming and he hit my Caterhan broadside on the passenger side.
The speed limit in the area was 50kph (aaprox. 30mph) but his car (a BMW Z3), so I was told afterwards, summersaulted 3 times and landed on it's roof 200metres down the road.
My son, took the full impact and was killed at the scene and I got away with broken ribs and severe whiplash.
I had a good Italian legal and scientific expert on my side and it was concluded that if the other guy had not been speeding, the accident would not have happened.
Despite this, the Italian legal system decided that I (as the foreigner) should not have put my vehicle in his path and for that I got a suspended prison sentence in Italy.

To this day, I question myself as to "if I had done anything different, would my son still be alive today?" and I can assure you that there is not a day that goes by without me wishing I could swap places with him. I will not feel any different about this for the rest of my life.

That film should be shown to all learner drivers as a form of aversion therepy before they get their licences and sentences for causing death by dangerous driving should be much more severe and also carry a "for life" driving ban.

#341924 - 22/02/16 04:46 PM Re: Stupid B*****ds! [Re: KBMOG]
Jack The Lad Offline
Posting Desperado
Talk Morgan Guru

Registered: 12/04/11
Posts: 7775
Loc: The frozen North
What you have written is sad very sad . That's what I tried to express in what I had written but words are not enough . Only you can know what my once friend goes through every day. I hope for your sake when your time here has ended you meet again.

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