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#493528 - 12/01/18 02:29 PM new car
howard Offline
Talk Morgan Addict

Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 3863
I really tried to persuade myself that a trad would do the job, but I just couldnt see two 70 year olds doing the planned tour of Scotland and the already booked le Mans trip in one. Nor do I find getting in and out that easy. Sorry folks but we're not into hair shirts these days.

Anyway, I already have a Plus 8 laugh

I had a real good look for another Ferrari - my true love. But failed to find what I wanted at the limited budget we have. Funny to talk about 100k as limited but thats what it very definitely is in supercar terms. Sadly those that were on offer were old, often with dodgy history or not sports cars as with the California. Came very close with a manual 360 but would you fancy touring europe in a 20 year old supercar with at best a questionable rep for reliability?

So I have bought an F Type roadster , the 380 bhp one, delivery next week. Has all the facilities that I want, is really pretty and only lacks a Cavalino on the bonnet. Yes I have railed against their unnecessary complexity and lard but the alternative was a Porker. And no - not for me.

The Ferrari magazines have been consigned to the wardrobe and the posters taken off the wall. I dont like compromises but if you cant have what you want ( anyone on here selling a 458 spider for the above sum? thumbs Just pm me............. please!) then you have to grow up.

I'll report back on what its like in use. Its really pretty - IMO of course.

And yes I really did try to persuade myself that a Morgan would do the job and I could properly join this happy bunch but it wasnt to be.

Edited by howard (12/01/18 02:33 PM)

#493529 - 12/01/18 02:37 PM Re: new car [Re: howard]
twotribes Offline
Talk Morgan Enthusiast

Registered: 15/07/11
Posts: 1661
Loc: Kent & Dorset, UK
Congratulations on the new arrival Howard. That's quick decision-making by your standards hide

I'm sure I'm not alone on here in being envious and wanting to know more about colour, spec etc.
"There's no skill substitute like cubic inches."

#493535 - 12/01/18 02:59 PM Re: new car [Re: howard]
deano Offline

Charter Member

Registered: 12/02/12
Posts: 5166
Loc: Taunton
I am sure you will enjoy your new Jag Howard. I am looking forward to reading your first road report.
Martin (Deano)

#493540 - 12/01/18 03:17 PM Re: new car [Re: howard]
Clipper Offline

Talk Morgan Addict

Registered: 14/03/12
Posts: 3206
Loc: South Yorks
Didn’t you decide against Ferrari ownership hence the first sale?
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#493541 - 12/01/18 03:33 PM Re: new car [Re: howard]
milligoon Offline
Talk Morgan Expert

Registered: 20/04/14
Posts: 2817
Loc: Dorset, UK
It's a Jaaaaaaaag!

So will you be bringing souvineers back from the various hotels you'll be staying in?

Mark - driving
Archie the Old English Sheep Mog...........
2010 Roadster 3.0 V6 (S3) wink

#493555 - 12/01/18 04:59 PM Re: new car [Re: howard]
stefan s Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 06/12/14
Posts: 507
Loc: Antwerpen Belgium
Good choice Howard. Beautiful car.


#493559 - 12/01/18 05:09 PM Re: new car [Re: Clipper]
howard Offline
Talk Morgan Addict

Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 3863
Originally Posted By Clipper
Didn’t you decide against Ferrari ownership hence the first sale?

The Fezza was a real love / hate relationship. I loved the way it looked, the way it went and, I am embarrassed to admit, the reactions / the lifestyle that went with it. Being clear of the south east, I was also clear of the city slickers and all the Ferrari guys I met were every bit as pleasant and civil as you lot are. And dead keen sports car guys.

The hate was the cost or to be accurate the potential cost if anything did go tits up. And the 430 has exhaust manifolds that literally last 20k cost £5k to replace and can lunch an engine plus clutches that last as little as 8k.Not to mention new soft tops at £10k a time. Its a rich mans game and I'm not rich.

But they do get under your skin even more than my old Lotus did. So I will be back but with an older simpler model.

Meantime SWMBO wants to tour a bit. Hence the choice

#493562 - 12/01/18 05:21 PM Re: new car [Re: howard]
madmax Offline
Part of the Furniture

Registered: 18/08/14
Posts: 4064
Loc: East Anglia
Its a real pity about the maintenance costs of an Ferrari , if they were less costly to run then it would make sense , I wonder how many find out after purchase ?? Clutches at 8k mileage is crazy .
Geneva 2016 plus 8' The Green Godess' 4 side exits .

#493568 - 12/01/18 05:33 PM Re: new car [Re: howard]
howard Offline
Talk Morgan Addict

Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 3863
Yes. Thats the F1 gearbox which was originally designed by John Barnard for the fgormula 1 cars - its a mechanised manual box. Same sort of system used on the Aston Vantage with exactly the same issue - no amount of ECU- ery is as good at slipping a clutch ad a human and thats what fries it. That plus launch control.

The later cars than mine, the 458 and later, have a dsg box just like VW and apparently they are reliable.

No sports car like that makes sense. But then what car other than a basic 3 door hatch for necessary transport does make sense? There is an element of toy and the more expensive the car the bigger the toy element.

Edited by howard (12/01/18 05:34 PM)

#493589 - 12/01/18 08:02 PM Re: new car [Re: milligoon]
Paul F Offline

Talk Morgan Enthusiast

Registered: 20/08/10
Posts: 1948
Loc: Costock, South Nottinghamshire...
Originally Posted By milligoon
It's a Jaaaaaaaag!

So will you be bringing souvineers back from the various hotels you'll be staying in?


Costock, UK
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