This is a sort of bad news/good news message. The bad news is that a team that had entered for Le Mans Classic has failed to get their entry accepted (a bit of a surprise as they made both of the last two events).

So the good news is that VinMog now has a room available in Hotel Arbor - the one on the Mulsanne Straight so you can just walk out of the hotel (or the hotel bar - knowing some of you) and watch the racing.

VinMog has done a bit of juggling between hotels, so there is one double room there, and a couple of twins in other places.

The cost at the Arbor for TWO people (in one car and room) is GBP 1745 and this includes four nights B&B with good evening meals, full entry tickets, with paddock passes and good grandstand seats, parking inside the circuit (qualifying cars only) the facilities of the VinMog marquee on Sunday the 'facilities' include cheese and wine. Also included is a Dover Calais ferry ticket (alternatives available at whatever extra it costs VinMog). An added attraction of Hotel Arbor is that most of the Morgan race teams will be staying there, so whoever gets the room will be able to feel part of the action. But be advised, this is not the quietest place to be!

To get an idea of the value just compare the cost, and what is included, with some other offerings.

PM me for more information