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#509687 - 21/04/18 10:17 PM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
milligoon Offline
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Registered: 20/04/14
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Loc: Dorset, UK
Contractor? no single point of contact to spot a problem maybe?
Mark - driving
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#509700 - 21/04/18 11:21 PM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
Arwyn Williams Offline
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As a result of his religious beliefs, brother was tee-total until he passed away at the tragically early age of 39.

He used to joke with the depot manager that if he ever blew a positive then there was something wrong with the equipment!

I'm not too sure how rigorous the HGV/PSV medicals are though and whether they would have picked up a chronic alcoholic.

For example, I know of a bus driver, we'll call him Bob. Bob drives a 52 seater school bus on the morning service. Bob has several conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and had a cardiac episode which resulted in him having a cardiac procedure. All these conditions have been reported to the licencing authorities. After returning The bus to depot, Bob has second job, I've called to see Bob in his other place of work and have found him fast asleep on his work bench or in his car. It seems he can't stay awake. I asked him if he'd declared it to the licencing and he said that he had and that there was no referral for tests or investigations though?


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#509707 - 22/04/18 07:06 AM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
Stewart S Offline
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Registered: 14/06/14
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Loc: Lancashire, England
I followed a drunk driver last night coming back to Croston

It was so obvious - over-braking, incredibly slow and veering into the curb

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#509709 - 22/04/18 07:26 AM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
ewn Offline

Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 10/04/16
Posts: 1060
Loc: NE Scotland
When following, it’s hard to tell the difference between drunks and phone/text/ satnav fiddlers.
Thank goodness the driver has been caught before the inevitable disaster occurred. He probably doesn’t think so, but they’ve done him a favour, at least now he has to deal with his problem.
Fortunately, I’m allergic to booze, so I avoid it, it makes me dizzy and I feel half dead the day after.

#509714 - 22/04/18 07:49 AM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
The Austrian Offline

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Registered: 17/10/14
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A former school mate of mine bacame an alcoholic. You would not have noticed anything at an alcohol level at 2promills while an normal consumer is obviously drunk at such level.
BTW: he was a truck driver most of his life.
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#509725 - 22/04/18 09:11 AM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: madmax]
howard Offline
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Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 4113
Originally Posted By madmax
How on earth did he manage to drive the truck ????

there are some people, functioning alcoholics, who can operate with far more alcohol in their system than most people can. I had a boss like that - nasty bu66er at the best of times was even more evil and unpleasant after his lunchtime pi55 up.

#509730 - 22/04/18 09:34 AM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
meabh Offline

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Registered: 01/03/09
Posts: 1846
Loc: southwest France
See veering from side to side regularly here. I put my headlights on and stay well back. We have seen one car which veered from one curb to the opposite one: one which hit both barriers and then stopped up a side lane for a chat with someone`; and another who hit every single cone on a partly closed dual carriageway and seemed totally unconcerned.

#509740 - 22/04/18 12:06 PM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
Dean-Royal Offline

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Registered: 02/01/12
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Loc: UK (up north)
£1000 Fine
Loss of car license for 2 years
Loss of HGV license for life

Thats what he should receive anyway.
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#509791 - 22/04/18 06:57 PM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
+8Rich Offline

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Registered: 15/12/09
Posts: 18882
Loc: Devonshire

That would fit the bill ok but a 3 month HMP session might get the message home even quicker as a little add on.
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#509793 - 22/04/18 06:59 PM Re: Tesco trucker Drink driving on A38 today. [Re: +8Rich]
DaveW Offline
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3 months as a crash test dummy might be a bigger deterrant.
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