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#517470 - 13/06/18 05:10 PM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
stantheman Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 07/03/15
Posts: 120
Hi Dab, not sure. The dealer told me their electrician said it was a box that sent the current to the left side indicators and that it wasn't allowing enough current through. The box was to be reordered and was simply "plug and play". The module description was Morgans own description.

A friend has suggested it may well be a transistor in the black box that's at fault and that it ought to be fixable. That is of course just his surmising after our phone conversation.

Apologies, but electrics are a complete mystery to me. Does this sound like the flasher relay to you?

#517471 - 13/06/18 05:12 PM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
snmog Offline
New to Talk Morgan

Registered: 28/08/17
Posts: 20
Loc: Swindon
I had a problem with the full beam which could not be switched on. The dealer thought it was a wiring problem but could not find the fault. They tried a new indicator assembly but the fault was still there

On my way to the MTWC opening run the hazard warning lights came on, all the lights on the dashbord lit up and when I tried to switch off the engine it kept running with the key out of the ignition!

The M3W was driven to the hotel where the only way to stop the engine was to stall it and after that it would not start

Skullmog spent over 2 hours on the Saturday evening trying to find the problem and after ruling out fuses, relays, immobiliser and ECU he thought it was the cambus. Thanks again Kevin for your help

The vehicle was trailered back to the dealer and 4.5 weeks later was fixed, the problem being the indicator module unit. On the invoice it was shown as M3W TURN SIGNAL HEADLAMP MODULE and was £39.89 plus VAT

The old part was given to Skullmog for him to look at

At the time we, the MTWC, did not know of anyone else having a problem with this unit


#517476 - 13/06/18 05:43 PM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: snmog]
planenut Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 29/06/12
Posts: 992
Loc: United Kingdom, Lincolnshire

The part is an Indicator Module and is Morgan Part E340098. As mentioned, Skullmog is trying to identify what the part is as all the non Morgan identification has been removed. It lives under the ECU and is not easy to get at. It seems to be a likely cause of any "haunted lights" problems, although there are only two cases we know of at the moment.

#517489 - 13/06/18 07:20 PM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
stantheman Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 07/03/15
Posts: 120
Thanks guys. Looks like we're on the right track. Just hope Skullmog can crack the identity because I suspect this could be another issue on the cusp of causing an increasing number of headaches.

The phrase, "we're waiting for stock" sends chills down my spine when it originates from Morgan.

#517494 - 13/06/18 07:32 PM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
Bunny Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 15/03/14
Posts: 757
Loc: Leicestershire, UK
I wonder if it's by the same manufacturer that makes the ECU? innocent

#517526 - 13/06/18 09:57 PM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
andyjazz Offline
New to Talk Morgan

Registered: 15/05/18
Posts: 15
Loc: Hants
There’s some pretty scary reading here! 😳
2017 MTW Graphite Blue

#517553 - 14/06/18 07:35 AM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
Dab of oppo Offline

Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 27/05/12
Posts: 1381
Loc: Gods own county! Oop north
Case No.3

Last year if I turned my hazard warning lights on the fuel pump would run and the engine could be started and would stay running as long as the hazard lights were on.

Turning the hazard lights off also stopped the engine.

All without keys!

It has rectified itself, shame it didn't self heal other past problems.

One for Scullmog now, what is the black plastic box full of relays for under the fuse box?

#517556 - 14/06/18 07:50 AM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
skullmog Offline

Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 02/10/16
Posts: 1384
Loc: west london/surrey
Investigating box! it has 2 relays and 3 micro chips +other diode and resistors ! made by Electromech number EA0021i4 (not found on Google yet) Im scanning the wiring diagram to find out which of the feeds for the fuse box and other components go through this box and if they can be moved to a separate control relay.. sherlock

#517572 - 14/06/18 08:56 AM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
stantheman Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 07/03/15
Posts: 120
Great work skullmog. There are a number of Electromechs out there but one based in Ramsgate is a PCB specialist. I wonder if they're our supplier?

#517576 - 14/06/18 09:13 AM Re: Near Side Indicator Issue [Re: stantheman]
Richard Wood Offline
Talk Morgan Enthusiast

Registered: 03/02/16
Posts: 1669
Loc: East Harling, Norfolk UK
I had an associated issue with my M3W which seems to have cured itself. The hazard warning lights would come on uncommanded. Turning the hazard switch on then off fixed the issue which happened on at least three occasions during first few months of owning this 2016 car.

When others mention similar faults involving running of engine, fuel pump etc., it leads me to believe the functioning of the TSM headlight/flasher unit is heavily integrated with the ECU!

FWIW the flasher unit is fed by fuse 10 (5amp) green wire. Colour codes seem to follow normal convention with fused feed green, L/H indicators green/white and R/H green/red.

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