Hi Everyone,

Bit of an update.......

By the use of a quantity of various washers, leather and neoprene strips,and nut tightening I have eradicated many if not most of the rattles.

The rear hood frame latches were a major issue in that they never properly latched allowing the component parts to rattle against each other. So I obtained and fitted a couple of replacements. It was very noticeable the springs have been upgraded, larger diameter and thicker gauge wire, giving a much greater pressure on the sliding part of the latch.

The old latches had considerable damage in the receptor hole at the 1pm position and I can only conclude the weak springs enabled the male prong part of the mechanism to "shake rattle and moan" to the point they were useless.

I now look forward to being out again.

Hope this helps.

Incidentally my car was built at the end of 2006




70th Anniversary 4/4 (Duratec 1.8)