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#548742 - 18/12/18 06:11 PM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
JB62 Offline
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All very exciting.

I’ll stick with my V8.
V8 Speedster

#548754 - 18/12/18 06:35 PM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
TheCustomer Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 13/09/15
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500bhp in an even lighter car would need a whole new level of chassis dynamics (& more traction control than just the driver's right foot!)

Bit by bit I'm getting my Aero built properly - there'll be a long stay at the dealer early next year to put some paint back on, fix some rust, and try to keep the water on the outside.
I've owned two 150,000 mile, 10 year old SAABs that didn't need that kind of attention. And they both cost less than Morgan's carbon hard top.

the *other* green Aero 8 S5

#548765 - 18/12/18 07:03 PM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
sospan Offline
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I, too, suspect the new car will be for the top end market. I doubt I will therefore be having one.
I would like to see more done to improve the trads. Why not have projects ongoing with engineers, apprentices, college students?
Examine the Trad and look for engineering improvements and quality enhancement.
New eyes looking at a Trad could lead to big positives.
Red Plus8

#548806 - 18/12/18 09:10 PM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: sospan]
Jays Offline

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There will be forthcoming improvements for the Trads 🤓
Former Morgan owner. Gone but hopefully not forgotten!

#548810 - 18/12/18 09:50 PM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
cerealsurfer Offline
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Registered: 09/10/06
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Sounds a bit 2JZ or RB26DETT

Hhhmm - films have been made opitomising that engine note

#548817 - 18/12/18 10:28 PM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Jays]
Stringers Best Mate Offline

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Originally Posted By Jays
There will be forthcoming improvements for the Trads 🤓

All well & good, but as has been said, the price point keeps going up in large leaps. It could be argued that the Morgan Ownership Cycle used to be 4/4 followed by Roadster followed by alloy chassis V8.

I doubt whether that will still be applicable for 2019. Big price hikes usually land after Geneva..

Pay a six figure sum and you demand quality, too..

#548833 - 19/12/18 12:04 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
Aeroman Offline

Talk Morgan Guru

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Originally Posted By Peter J
Great new video on the MMC You Tube channel.

A nice retrospective on the V8.....and at the very end a tease of the new "something". No picture, just a noise....
Sounds live a 6 cylinder with "active exhaust"....

Next year will be interesting.....

Agreed, I really enjoyed it and it is truly the end of an era - the V8 era from the sound of the final exhaust...

Looks like my Plus 8’s are keepers!

Morgan SP1 (Rocket Red)
Morgan Plus 8 (Rocket Blue)
Morgan Plus 8 - Moss Box (Black)

#548848 - 19/12/18 08:07 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
Stewart S Offline
Wave & smile... It's a Morgan
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The noise at the end of the video definitely sounded like .... ..... .... er, engine

Petrol is my guess ooo
2008 Bugatti Blue Roadster 4 Seater

#548866 - 19/12/18 09:21 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: +8Rich]
OZ 4/4 Offline

Talk Morgan Expert

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Loc: Australia - NSW Mid North Coas...
Originally Posted By +8Rich
Originally Posted By milligoon
And the rest.....

It's yet another example of them giving up on a new younger customer base but hanging onto the older more affluent customers and this will only last so long. Both my son in laws are in a position to buy this type of vehicle but having read the horror stories on here they wouldn't entertain one at any price, this is where the company needs to invest in the quality of the product to make them more appealing to the new exacting customers. They all do that sir won't cut the ice with the youngsters they are not impressed. They are accustomed to the paint staying on the car and water staying outside the car, they love my Plus 8 and expect a good soaking with the roof off but that's a different price point altogether.

A Morgan Identified Fastidious Owner...
2011 4/4 Bespoke, 1981 Delorean DMC 12

#548873 - 19/12/18 09:42 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
Talk Morgan Enthusiast

Registered: 26/09/14
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oh well if the price of the new edition is beyond my means and as I have no spare body parts to sell I will just have to keep my P4SS and that's that !!!!! ( hurrah !!!!)

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