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#550504 - 28/12/18 11:48 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: howard]
TheCoot Offline
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I'd agree with a lot of what you say.

Although not sure a "sports" car is necessarily open top...if that were the case...then the E-Type and F-Type convertibles would be "sports" cars and the Coupes are not sports cars! Given I just sold my F Type coupe last week, I can vouch for the fact it most definitely was a "sports" car and one I used every day given it was so easy to live with.

It's a very subjective subject and of course, we're all right since it will mean different things to different people. Great topic mind and perhaps one we should start a new thread on....I can see it running and running cheers

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#550616 - 29/12/18 12:25 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
milligoon Offline
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Maybe a sports car could be equated to a highly strung horse, lovely to look at but do you take it out for a ride?
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#550618 - 29/12/18 01:29 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Rob Thornton]
Heinz Offline

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Originally Posted By Rob Thornton
Originally Posted By Heinz

It's no longer just the technical safety offered by brands like Mercedes when driving open, it's the problem with the overall feeling of safety. You only drive openly if you feel safe politically, socially and against crime and violence. As if you were driving through the country, as if it is loved and cared for by all people like a large garden. But that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, insecurity and retreat are the more dominating themes.

Interesting observations Heinz. This concern for safety, and indeed privacy, even seems to have manifested itself in the need to have darkly tinted rear windows, especially on all new 4 x 4s it seems.
Your points about open motoring and current trends are worth reflecting on. Over the last couple of days and on briefly sunny occasions I have seen a number of open vehicles - mainly Minis and Mercs - whilst out in the Mog. However, unlike us the drivers and their passengers were dressed exactly as they would have been in an enclosed car indicating a, that they were only on short journeys and b, that the comfort levels are now on a par with an enclosed car.
As 'sports car' manufactures have striven for comfort and weather protection as well as performance, Morgan and other classic car owners are now one of the few types of motorists expecting to dress for all that the weather can throw at them. It is this aspect that I think is making open cars less interesting to a new generation of car buyers who expect to walk out of their comfortably heated houses into an equally comfortable car without changing attire.

I agree with you very much. Besides the meta level to need more safety in many aspects, the comfort and the soft pampering plays an equally big role, why people don't feel any fun anymore to expose themselves to the elements. One can say that nowadays no marketing guy has the courage to demand something from the users with his product. Because the cars are so pleasing, they are at the same time so boring.

#550632 - 29/12/18 07:54 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Heinz]
Peter J Offline
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Heinz, you say "Because the cars are so pleasing, they are at the same time, so boring".
I feel that the word "car" can be removed from that statement and replaced with almost anything that marketing people want the customers to buy.

As a society we are being softly directed to believe that risk is a bad thing, the stare will always be there to help and make things better. All things dangerous are to be discouraged, wherever possible. It is worth comment that it is now impossible for a vehicle to achieve a 5 Star rating in the Enro NCAP tests without substantial "Safety Assistance" equipment. This stuff sounds good, but it is the start of disengaging the driver from the process.

To pick up on Milligoon's comment, I feel that cars and motoring will become like horse riders, an activity enjoyed by a few, but watched by many. Why do I say this? 90% of the people who watch horse sports, racing, jumping, eventing, etc., neither own horse or have ever ridden one.

Already Formulae 1 is like horse racing, the cars are un-driveable by "Mr Average Motorist", the drivers are celebrities and the whole event is a spectacle, a bit like a horse racing meeting.
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#550641 - 29/12/18 08:52 AM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
tmg513 Offline
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Originally Posted By Peter J
Already Formulae 1 is like horse racing, the cars are un-driveable by "Mr Average Motorist", the drivers are celebrities and the whole event is a spectacle, a bit like a horse racing meeting.

That's true of any sport though: if the event wasn't a spectacle there wouldn't be any spectators.
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#550695 - 29/12/18 01:40 PM Re: Good Bye V8...Hello "Something" [Re: Peter J]
Crunchie Gears Offline
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Some of the thoughts on this thread are interesting. Personally I like driving a variety of cars and can get differing enjoyment from driving many of them.

For example I have driven a Jag E Pace recently and have been surprised at the 8 speed ZF box with flappy paddles; it is such a good box and, as the car is not my daily driver, is engaging (familiarity might mean just getting from A to B which it does very well).

That said, I now spend time on simulators. They are getting very good and help improve my driving particularly getting to know new circuits or to look for better lap times. They have now got very accurate models of how many cars perform. Personally I prefer a car to have more oversteer than under and it was interesting when I drove a Caterham Graduate sim round Silverstone. With all the driver aids turned off (it there any other way to drive a sim) It simulates the poor tyres very well and requires you to adapt your driving to get the car turned in, or rotated. If you don’t get the car rotated it understeers and you lose time waiting for the grip to comeback. These are challenges that I do not typically get from road driving.

You can also program how good your robot adversaries are and how aggressive. I have to own that I normally turn damage off so I do not have to visit the pit every lap to get simulated repairs completed.
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