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#550123 - 26/12/18 08:18 AM 1.6 ltr to weedy ?
Bonesie Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 12/12/18
Posts: 308
Loc: Yorkshireman living in Surrey
Forgive my ignorance, im a Morgan noob

Ive seen a car I like but its only a 1.6 ( though it doesn't say which maker. Ford Sigma ? )

Too weedy for touring/motorways/hills etc? Although I'm not expecting supercar performance I would like a car with some poke when I give it some beans.

Anyone know please ?

Its this car

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#550136 - 26/12/18 09:02 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
Richard Wood Offline
Talk Morgan Enthusiast

Registered: 03/02/16
Posts: 1710
Loc: East Harling, Norfolk UK
Relatively new to Mog four wheel ownership myself but there does seem to be a strong following for the 4/4 although production temporarily ceased.

Light weight and nimble handling coupled with modest tyre width seem to contribute to a fun chuckable car. Plenty of tuning option for the n/a Sigma engine as well.

Pure speculation although backed by dealer hints is that the classic range will adopt the Ford Ecoboost engine series as future poweplants. Given that the tiny three cylinder one litre version is already available with 123 and 140 bhp options, with torque to match, they could provide more than adequate power for entry level cars. Reach up to the four cylinder 2.3 version which with small tweaks can nearly match the five litre V8 version of Mustang and you have dramatic performance for top of the range.

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#550138 - 26/12/18 09:14 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
Graham, G4FUJ Offline
Salty Sea Dog
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Registered: 03/07/07
Posts: 22280
Loc: Cheltenham, Glos. UK
1.6 Ford Sigma.
Weedy, no, eminently tweakable, however on standard gearing you may find it is overgeared. A number have changed the diff ratio to make 5th a 1:1 rather than an overdrive gear.
Graham (G4FUJ)

D8921 L44FOR '93 4/4 Giallo Fly 2 seat smile
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#550144 - 26/12/18 10:02 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
ewn Offline

Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 10/04/16
Posts: 1208
Loc: NE Scotland
I’ve never found mine lacking, but then I just love driving. It’s a great engine and exceptionally good at high revs with such a light car. Also noteworthy is the Mazda gearbox, it’s mechanical perfection.

The shortcomings are all the things you need to adjust to: suspension, brakes, steering, and even the pedals, but these are the same on them all and you’ll either love them or hate them.

You ask about motorways and if that’s important, I wouldn’t bother with any Morgan, any old barge with cruise control, a cup holder and a back seat to chuck your rubbish will do that job better.

I especially like the car you’re looking at, the grey and tan with black wheels is a handsome combination.

#550150 - 26/12/18 10:17 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
madmax Offline
Part of the Furniture

Registered: 18/08/14
Posts: 4586
Loc: East Anglia

Plenty of tweeking available on the 1600 Sigma being Ford and being raced in various guises eg Caterham 7 sigma , the best fun with a Mog is to tweek !

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#550154 - 26/12/18 10:28 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
Deejay Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 20/06/15
Posts: 251
Loc: North Somerset, UK
Lots of enthusiastic advice here but the ONLY way to be sure is to actually drive the thing. As with many Ford normally aspirated engines, if you want “poke” you will need to keep the pot boiling at 4k+. Note also, it has the traditional studded hood rather than the “easy up” and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Also, being a Sport model, has no spare wheel. Looks as if it’s lived abroad...was that in a nice dry climate or parked beside the salty sea?
Good luck and no need to rush it. Guess a lot of pre-owned will appear this coming year as a result of the 110 anniversary deals.

#550164 - 26/12/18 10:57 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
John V6 Offline

Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 21/07/07
Posts: 13317
Loc: Suffolk
I had a Zetec engine 4/4. It drove well if pushed & you were in the right gear.
I had it for 5 years and 25k including commuting on the M4.

I prefer a bigger engine as we tour a lot now but the 4/4 is a fine car to start your Morgan experience.
2006 Indigo Blue Roadster S1

#550166 - 26/12/18 11:01 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
sospan Offline
Talk Morgan Sage

Registered: 31/05/10
Posts: 6183
Loc: Llanelli
Bonesie, drive it to see how it performs. I had a ‘93 car with Ford cvh efi. About 110bhp (not actually tested on dyno). A nice car. The car is light so performed better than the Escorts etc it was in.
You could pootle round easily. By learning the characteristics you could use the gears/revs to get a move on and it was a nimble car on vends. Hills might need downchanges or anticipating them and accelerating early. I enjoyed driving it as it encouraged you to read the road and adapt.
I did some runs with Roadster/Plus8/plus4 groups and kept up by judicious use of the engine. woohoo
Did some long cruising too and motorways we’re fine.
My advice is to try it out and see if it will meet your needs.
I now have a Plus8 and it has totally different characteristics. Would I go back? No reason not to but I have the V8 bug now. Who knows for the future though.

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Red Plus8

#550174 - 26/12/18 11:47 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
Alistair Offline
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Registered: 18/03/09
Posts: 5903
Loc: Hampshire
It weighs a lot less than most cars with a NA 1.6 these days so think power-to-weight not power.

Also the general handling of a simple trad is more lively so you will be having more fun at licence protecting speeds. Some of the suspension upgrades can improve this further.

If you want to enjoy driving and not just going very fast then being involved in rowing it along is far more rewarding. The new Alpine is not exactly over powered.

Drive a few and always buy on condition, documentation and feel. These cars can be young and need work or old and well maintained.

They hold their value well and so buying one for a time and then trading up is a common process.

Just get the wheel in your hands and speak to your local MOG club for feedback.
Just time to burn a little more petrol before dinner.

#550179 - 26/12/18 11:57 AM Re: 1.6 ltr to weedy ? [Re: Bonesie]
Chester.G Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 31/08/16
Posts: 378
Loc: Cork
Nice car, the engine is quite small but he will for sure do the job, the dark point of this car is the black wheels and no external handle door, if you arrive to convince them to give you at this price with this missing option and maybe sun visor, after a test drive you are for sure good to go.

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