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#550335 - 27/12/18 11:00 AM Stop start
aerotaff Offline
Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 12/01/07
Posts: 1435
I won't complain again about the price of the odysseu batt for the Mog just got a quote for 280 quid for my Mg6 with the stop start bo,,,ks which i don't use. Managed to get one for 150 quid still a bit of a shock it has too be more powerfull to activate the electronics apparently I'm so out of touch these days.


#550338 - 27/12/18 11:13 AM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
Dean-Royal Offline

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Registered: 02/01/12
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Loc: UK (up north)
Wow i had to google all that just to understand what it was....and it wasnt even in Welsh
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#550340 - 27/12/18 11:18 AM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
aerotaff Offline
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Registered: 12/01/07
Posts: 1435
Glad its just not me Dean.


#550350 - 27/12/18 11:57 AM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
sospan Offline
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Loc: Llanelli
Too much gadgetry these days. I don't like the stop-start on our car. Switch it off but it comes back on when you restart after a stop. There is downhill assist too. Never used after trying it out once.
Em...thanks for warning me about the Odyssey cost! Mine in the Mog is going fine so far. At least 6 years old and topped up by the ctech.
Taking jnr back to Cardiff after which car?
No brainer! Mog needs the run.

Em, have you tried the new battery with extra fast electrons? The spark you get with the Shell V-power is a big plus?
Santa uses it in his sleigh to give Rudolph the occasional boost. A bit like a hybrid.
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#550356 - 27/12/18 12:08 PM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
aerotaff Offline
Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 12/01/07
Posts: 1435
150 quid is bad enough Phill not paying extra again for electrons ,we wiil pick it up this afternoon in Carmarthen after a nice coast drive in the Mog. Good old dependable Morgan more of a recovery vehicle really...Ha.


#550360 - 27/12/18 12:42 PM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
DaveW Offline
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Happy Birthday Dean!
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#550384 - 27/12/18 03:14 PM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
aerotaff Offline
Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 12/01/07
Posts: 1435
What a saga just been told you just cant fit these batts once in place the garage has to tell the brain its been fitted for newness through the obd. So i ran jump cables onto another batt whilst carefully removing the terminals keeping everything live. No lights have come on , will i still have to get the thing re set any ideas.


#550396 - 27/12/18 03:59 PM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
NickCW Offline
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Registered: 20/02/16
Posts: 1110
Loc: Buckinghamshire
The reason for this is the smart systems compensate for the age of the battery and reduced efficiency of the cells as they degrade over time, if you put a new one in you need to tell the onboard computer otherwise it could cause errors/faults and not charge optimally.
Aero 8 S1

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#550403 - 27/12/18 04:45 PM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
howard Offline
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Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 4179
I suspect the info you have been given Aerotaff. Batteries do decline with age but the charging regime is still the same - belt it in at 14.5v until the current drops low and then maintain at 13.5 or thereabouts. So I cant see what adjustment the ECU could actually make. Trouble is, most mechanics have no electronics knowledge so you can get silly comments the same way you do on data protection or H&S. People are reluctant to say " I dont know""

Anyway I dont know either but my guess is that the info you were given is wrong.

P.S. I wonder if the reason for "resetting" on the computer is that the factory back in wherever keeps all maintenance / replacement data on its mainframe. I know that Merc do that

#550436 - 27/12/18 07:51 PM Re: Stop start [Re: aerotaff]
Stringers Best Mate Offline

Talk Morgan Sage

Registered: 16/10/13
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Loc: Northamptonshire UK
Howard, there are such things as intelligent alternators within most modern charging circuitry. These have the outputs controlled by the vehicles ECU rather than a simple voltage regulator.

The benefits are about reducing drag load whilst cruising, and thus an increase in mpg and decrease in emissions, and operate by providing spike load charging and float charging as & when.

Because the ECU and the whole vehicle electronics are seen as a unit, fitting new batteries without a reset or update will 'upset' the system dynamics and cause failure sensors to activate.


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