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#556036 - 26/01/19 03:01 PM Dealer Damages the AMG
Peter J Offline
Formerly known as Aldermog
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Registered: 13/08/13
Posts: 11199
Loc: Salisbury, UK
And I'm cross!

In December we had new AMG wheels and winter tyres fitted.
22nd January I took it in for a scheduled service and some warranty work to be done.
25th the dealer called.
First, the good news: the B2 service has been completed, no additional expenses.

Then, the bad news: we have tried to fix the fault, and failed. Further investigation is needed. Oh, yes, the technician has damaged a wheel rim on a kerb.

Today I went to take a look. The damage extends 20% of the way round and is into the alloy. They want to have the wheel re-finished.
I said that as the wheel is less than 2 months old I wanted a new wheel.

I'm also unhappy that they can't find the fault causing the DAB Radio reception to cut out when the heated rear screen is switched on. They have updated a load of control software: all the switching is digital through a Canbus network. The next stage is to replace the rear screen and change the FM/DAB active splitter.

How long is this going to take?

We still have the E 350D Cabriolet, but it is a big bloated barge with zero driver appeal. It also only does 12mpg on shirt cold runs!!

So i'm grumpy.
Tarka the 'Otter Mog
2014 Plus 8

#556040 - 26/01/19 03:21 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: Peter J]
Alistair Offline
Smile, it confuses them
Charter Member

Registered: 18/03/09
Posts: 5734
Loc: Hampshire
Peter sorry to hear the news, that was your favourite dealer (previously). Are you certain about that 12mpg number, even my lead heavy right foot cannot sustain a number that (good) low on the ML!
Just time to burn a little more petrol before dinner.

#556041 - 26/01/19 03:23 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: Peter J]
nick w Offline

Talk Morgan Expert

Registered: 31/03/09
Posts: 2019
Bad luck Peter. This was a common problem a few years ago and mostly caused by a damaged "thread" in the heated screen. Most common with internal aerials. An external aerial solves the prob normally. Good news is that a new heated window solves the prob usually ( until one of the threads fail again..which is very common - how much of your Mog heated screen works, for example?).

#556042 - 26/01/19 03:25 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: Peter J]
MDS61 Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 08/07/15
Posts: 320
Loc: Shropshire
Peter, I work for a vehicle manufacture...and a repair to any Alloy Wheel is NOT a recognised repair method.

MB have been one of the most aggressive exponents of this - telling customers that: grinding or diamond cutting an alloy wheel is in fact a DANGEROUS practice.

Insist on a new wheel (a refinished one never lasts as long as a re-furbed one either!!).

This is not your is theirs mad2

Honesty means doing it right, even when no one is looking!

2004 Roadster S1 3.0 V6 - "Seve"

#556043 - 26/01/19 03:44 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: MDS61]
N22MOG Offline

Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 09/06/09
Posts: 1263
Loc: Edenbridge, Kent, UK
Originally Posted By MDS61
MB have been one of the most aggressive exponents of this - telling customers that: grinding or diamond cutting an alloy wheel is in fact a DANGEROUS practice.


That's interesting, when I bought my latest Merc they tried to sell me wheel damage insurance saying that if an alloy was damaged they'd repair it.

12 MPG sounds terrible Peter, even my GL350 (an AMG built 3 litre diesel engine) gets 21-23 MPG, and it's HUGE, and permanent 4 wheel drive.
Steve L.

1996 Plus 8

#556047 - 26/01/19 03:50 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: Peter J]
Ruut Bianchi Offline

Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 07/11/11
Posts: 1046
Loc: Sittard, The Netherlands
Sad to hear Peter, insist on a new wheel, a refinish is not acceptable, and it's their fault. Don't they can instal an apart shark-fin shaped aerial on the rear roof? I sometimes see Mercs with those fins! Our Tesla also has FM/DAB reception through window threads. The quality of the DAB is quite variable. I was told by technicians that an extra antenna should improve things, but on a Tesla I dare not change anything in the electronics...!😰

I wish you good luck in your battle with the dealership, but as you are a long-lived customer they should by stupid in annoying you too much!!
Ruut Bianchi
Morgan 4/4 4-seater 1990 Royal Ivory

#556053 - 26/01/19 04:01 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: Peter J]
Gambalunga Offline

Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 03/09/11
Posts: 11115
Loc: Mandello del Lario, Lake Como,...
They would have insurance to cover this sort of thing so there really is no excuse. They are probably trying to avoid an insurance claim.

#556055 - 26/01/19 04:05 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: Peter J]
milligoon Offline
Talk Morgan Addict

Registered: 20/04/14
Posts: 3016
Loc: Dorset, UK
Where is the DAB aerial mounted? I had similar issue in my smart Roadster, when I placed inductive aerial on the car, so replaced it with a diplexed aerial.

You don't have heated screens all around do you on the AMG?
Mark - driving
Archie the Old English Sheep Mog...........
2010 Roadster 3.0 V6 (S3) wink

#556057 - 26/01/19 04:08 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: Peter J]
Graham, G4FUJ Offline
Salty Sea Dog
Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 03/07/07
Posts: 22030
Loc: Cheltenham, Glos. UK
I can imagine your ire Peter.
I'd insist on a new wheel too.
You don't seem to have much luck with the last few MBs.
Graham (G4FUJ)

D8921 L44FOR '93 4/4 Giallo Fly 2 seat smile
'90 LR 90 SW
'07 MINI Cooper

#556061 - 26/01/19 04:20 PM Re: Dealer Damages the AMG [Re: Peter J]
Jack The Lad Offline
Posting Desperado
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Registered: 12/04/11
Posts: 7775
Loc: The frozen North
Look on the bright side. All problems can be solved , If it cannot be solved its not a problem .

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