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#556984 - 31/01/19 04:17 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: IvorMog]
howard Offline
Part of the Furniture

Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 4215
From another angle, the family car is never garaged ( and rarely washed) but in its ten year life to replacement, I dont get any rust issues

I think you are in danger of being a bit precious.

#556997 - 31/01/19 04:45 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: IvorMog]
Stewart S Offline
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Registered: 14/06/14
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Loc: Lancashire, England
I have an integral non heated garage with insulated cavity brick walls but I do have a dehumidifier on occationally whenever I’ve been out in damp conditions (I always dry off when wet) or if the weather is damp outside

it often amazes me how much water it can take out sometimes so I always think it’s a good thing - I’ve had a few occasions where 10 litres has been collected in 24 hours

Sometimes it can be on and it takes out a dribble but at least I know moisture isn’t killing the Mog

I’d recommend them
2008 Bugatti Blue Roadster 4 Seater

#556998 - 31/01/19 04:48 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: IvorMog]
Neptune Offline

L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 05/09/16
Posts: 108
Pardon my ignorance, I know very little about dehumidifiers.
Would your garage need to be well sealed, gaps around doors etc, or would I just be dehumidifying planet earth (might take a while)?

#557023 - 31/01/19 06:51 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: IvorMog]
andymot Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 11/09/14
Posts: 754
Loc: East Sussex, ENGLAND
Best seal it up as best you can if using a dehumidifier.

I agree with Jimmy - I too have a desiccant version - they work perfectly ok in low temps where normal ones can't operate.

Do you need one? Easy to check - put some steel items in the garage and see what happens to them! Tools etc or even a piece of sheet steel. If it forms rust then maybe yes - de-humidifier needed. Not essential - just nice to have!

Since having one my instruments don't mist up hardly at all on cold days-as they used to. I aim for a RH between 45-55%. Precious? Yes I guess so but brings some piece of mind.

Remember it can also be too dry! ( well ok not in the UK during winter!) but a relative humidity of under 35% for long periods will crack leather and damage plastic items etc.

Edited by andymot (31/01/19 06:58 PM)
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#557028 - 31/01/19 07:42 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: IvorMog]
Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 26/09/14
Posts: 1475
Isn't there something to be said about keeping the car outside with good air circulation under a good storm cover and use it often.

I don't have a garage but I am retired and drive it often.

More difficult I understand for those that can only manage infrequent use.

#557032 - 31/01/19 07:59 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: jimmyw]
CooperMan Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 19/11/15
Posts: 823
Loc: Yorkshire
Originally Posted By jimmyw
A desiccant dehumidifier works in cold environments
I leave it on all winter,it is set to 60% has 3 power settings and drains into a large container.
The pure water is good for mixing with antifreeze for coolant changes .
My wife also used it in her iron. Pure steam .

Mine must be one of those, I think it's called a Ruby Dry ?
a little bonus is that it raises the garage temp a couple of degrees, which is handy this time of year
Jon M

#557034 - 31/01/19 08:03 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: IvorMog]
Alistair Offline
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Charter Member

Registered: 18/03/09
Posts: 5735
Loc: Hampshire
How well sealed and insulated is the garage?
Do you have other things in there that would benefit as well?

A carcoon or other brand of car bubble might work out cheaper in the long run?
Just time to burn a little more petrol before dinner.

#557040 - 31/01/19 08:29 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: IvorMog]
Craig Jezz Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 27/03/17
Posts: 888
Loc: Oxon
I just checked my garage temperature this evening, I have no dehumidifier or any form of heating, only insulated walls / ceilings and carpet tiles.

Outside temp 0
Garage temp 38 F
Garage humidity 69%

dewpoint is 29 (going on the online calculator)

Looking at the graph below, I’m within the recommended storage area.

Have I worked this out correctly ?

Edited by Craig Jezz (31/01/19 08:31 PM)
Craig Jezz

Morgan 4/4 Sports Sand (Williams & Wolf Tuned)

#557044 - 31/01/19 08:57 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: IvorMog]
PHZI Offline
Just Getting Started

Registered: 11/12/14
Posts: 81
Is it me?
Non insulated garage, no floor tiles, no dehumidifier. Cover my cars with breathable outdoor cover. No problem!

#557045 - 31/01/19 09:08 PM Re: Garage Humidity [Re: PHZI]
Craig Jezz Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 27/03/17
Posts: 888
Loc: Oxon
Originally Posted By PHZI
Is it me?
Non insulated garage, no floor tiles, no dehumidifier. Cover my cars with breathable outdoor cover. No problem!

No problem at all if you want to keep your Morgan outside.
Craig Jezz

Morgan 4/4 Sports Sand (Williams & Wolf Tuned)

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