Returning from a short run yesterday I noticed a large damp patch on the garage floor. Seemed to be water not oil so had a quick check of rad hoses having heard the horror stories. Dry as a bone and parked position suggested left hand rear of engine was the source of leak anyway.

Further investigation with torch today revealed a layer of coolant on the front lip of heater base. Immediately suspected the clamps on the two hoses, and top one did feel a little damp. Neither were loose but got an extra half turn on each after a squirt of ACF.

Dried off and topped up coolant (250ml) which was still showing between min and max. Suspect I won't know if fixed until after next run. If not it's over to dealer.

Anyone else had this happen?


2018 Roadster - Red/Magnolia - "Morton"
1967 Land Rover series 2a SWB
1960 Velocette Venom