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#566196 - 14/03/19 09:01 PM starting or not starting new +4
xc68anc Offline
Just Getting Started

Registered: 16/11/18
Posts: 76
Loc: Germany, Rhein-Main Area
Since november 2018 I'm a happy owner of a new +4

To be prepared I read a lot of stuff... The most I read, I think, bad idea - I' ve got a garage without any electrical possibilities.

The stuff was:
here in TM non starting new +4
Misscellany January 2019 Deve W. page 18
Owner's Handbook version III page 94

Summary: "get your battery loaded" or the handbook: "if the vehicle is left standing for more than 3 days...." THREE DAYS!!!

Ups, the good thing: nice - go a little out in the MOG twice a week... The bad: no time, much rain, a little deep temperatures.

Now the good news: not out in her for more than a week (eight days). The display in the speedo shows 12.4 Volts... Key in, turn and: vrooom...

A good (and not only nice) girl


#566197 - 14/03/19 09:03 PM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: xc68anc]
HeadlessBlue Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 29/12/18
Posts: 405
Loc: North of Stamford, UK
Glad you got going ok René

#566209 - 14/03/19 09:17 PM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: xc68anc]
Fox Terrier Offline

Has a lot to Say!

Registered: 05/08/15
Posts: 1091
Loc: Luton, Bedfordshire
Worth getting a C-Tek battery charger and keeping it plugged in through the 12v socket all the time. Keeps the battery in optimum condition all the time.
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#566230 - 14/03/19 10:23 PM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: xc68anc]
britmog Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 13/12/17
Posts: 183
Loc: Colorado, USA
Hello Rene,

I have a workshed that has no possibility for electricity and use a solar power system. Works very well for lights and also charges batteries that operate tools,etc. I would look into a solar system, assuming you have a south facing aspect. You can also purchase solar car battery charging systems that will keep your battery at optimum charge.

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Bruce Marshall
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#566266 - 15/03/19 05:09 AM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: xc68anc]
Gambalunga Offline

Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 03/09/11
Posts: 11318
Loc: Mandello del Lario, Lake Como,...
In my experience I have had no problem with the car left for 2 weeks in summer. I believe cold weather is hard on batteries however and I have always put it on the "battery conditioner" in winter.

Our car has now done over 65,000 km and I believe the fact that I nearly always have the battery conditioner (trickle charger) plugged in has kept the now 7 year old battery in good condition.

I can't even remember what brand it is. I ordered it from the factory with the car.

There are solar battery charger kits available to keep boat batteries charged. One of these would be a good idea if no power is available in the garage. Provided of course that the garage is not underground smile

#566284 - 15/03/19 07:10 AM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: xc68anc]
xc68anc Offline
Just Getting Started

Registered: 16/11/18
Posts: 76
Loc: Germany, Rhein-Main Area
The thing is: there is no possibility for electric systems in the garage. Also something with solar is no option.

About the car: they changed something in the wiring or/and the immobilizer, so the batterie runs flat quickly. As I parked the car the batterie was well over 13V (13.4 or more), after six days it shows only 12.4V.

If I remember right, I read somewhere there would be problems in the communication between key and immobilizer if the power went down under 13V.

So I was very glad, that it also work with only 12.4V. A good car ;-)


Edited by xc68anc (15/03/19 07:17 AM)

#566288 - 15/03/19 07:28 AM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: xc68anc]
Northernmorgan Offline

Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 22/12/18
Posts: 308
Loc: Northern England
Fit an immobiliser switch to disconnect the battery if you are not using the car for sometime. A pain in someways as you’ll need to reset the clock etc but in the absence of power or the inability to use solar panels I don’t see what other options you have.

I’ve akways been a sceptical about solar panels but last year we rigged up one...about A3 in size to the battery on our really did trickle charge it well!
I’m a convert.
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#566293 - 15/03/19 07:54 AM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: xc68anc]
waikiore Online   content
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 23/05/17
Posts: 489
Loc: auckland new zealand
Yes I put a small solar panel on the boat we use most and amazingly it keeps the house and engine batteries so well topped up that I have not had to plug in to shore power ever since , absolutely fantastic .
99 plus 8 indigo

#566307 - 15/03/19 08:46 AM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: xc68anc]
howard Offline
Part of the Furniture

Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 4303
Allo, allo René. smile 12.4v is a bit less than half capacity so you maybe have 12 days before its so low the engine wont start. However, getting the car to start is one thing - it takes far more running than you might think to fully charge the battery. On my boat, it takes more than 6 hours because of course the current flow into the battery falls rapidly as the back emf builds up.

Use some thing like an Optimate. I use a solar panel on my boat as well as a wind generator. But the latter wont look good on the car.

The simplest solution is a swithch on the battery terminal but I dont know whether that would be accessible on a Morgan.

#566310 - 15/03/19 08:52 AM Re: starting or not starting new +4 [Re: howard]
Fullhoza Offline

Just Getting Started

Registered: 02/12/10
Posts: 54
Loc: Germany
Rene, in the absence of a power outlet and sunlight, I would also recommend the battery kill switch. My father uses it on his 2001 +8 (a lot of Kriechstroeme...) whenever he gets out of the car. Also a great theft protection! However, I have a Jan 2018 Plus 4, and only after six weeks in very cold winter has it left me standing.

Something like this: Battery switch

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