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#572156 - 15/04/19 11:30 PM Ethanol in Petroleum
smudger1 Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 20/05/09
Posts: 168
Loc: Durham, UK
While carrying some research into the above topic I came across this information on the Esso UK website , as you will see it's not all bad news!

What is the ethanol content of your fuels?
"The majority of unleaded 95 Octane petrol sold in the UK contains up to 5% ethanol as required under the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO).

There is currently no requirement for renewable fuel (such as ethanol) to be present in super unleaded (97 grade petrol).

Esso super unleaded petrol (Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded 97) is ethanol free (except in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and Scotland). We would therefore advise anyone who has concerns about the presence of ethanol in petrol to use Synergy Supreme+ – providing they do not fill up in Devon or Cornwall, the Teesside area or Scotland"
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#572161 - 16/04/19 01:10 AM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: smudger1]
JCK Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 17/09/16
Posts: 231
Loc: Massachusetts, USA
We have 10% here in the USA, and 15% has been mooted. Ethanol free is available in a few areas, such as New York state, but is not easy to find. frown
1960 Plus 4 Roadster

#572162 - 16/04/19 02:03 AM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: smudger1]
Georgetoad Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 18/11/13
Posts: 146
Loc: Virginia, USA
I found Ethanol free 87 octane in Georgia but it was $1.00 a gallon more than regular. Also not available in higher octanes. Here in Virginia I believe it is available at small airports but it's been a while since I investigated that possibility.
'34 Family 4
'70 +8
'03 Hummer H2

#572216 - 16/04/19 10:34 AM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: smudger1]
griffo Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 31/07/14
Posts: 431
Loc: Cornwall
Not much help for us in Cornwall!

#572248 - 16/04/19 01:55 PM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: smudger1]
Peter J Offline
Formerly known as Aldermog
Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 13/08/13
Posts: 11206
Loc: Salisbury, UK
Experience has taught me that the 4.8L V8 in Tarka does not like ethanol: the Tesco 99 stuff contains ethanol, the BP Super Unleaded seems not to.

If I run with the Tesco stuff the engine MIL light comes on, indicating the N/S cat isn't happy. But with BP fuel it doesn't.

The two AMGs both require 98 Octane fuel but don't seem to be worried by the Tesco stuff.
Tarka the 'Otter Mog
2014 Plus 8

#572269 - 16/04/19 02:57 PM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: smudger1]
sospan Offline
Talk Morgan Sage

Registered: 31/05/10
Posts: 6092
Loc: Llanelli
I find the V-Power is good in theRover Plus8. The EM light used to come on when using 95 octane. Using 97 from Shell/BP couple of others means no light comes on. I did use Murco 97 a couple of weeks ago and the light came on. Same “random intermittent misfire” fault as usual.
No tests on ethanol content done so can’t comment exclusively on any effects.
My concerns over ethanol are for perished rubber seals in the fuel system. I THINK my car is new enough to have resistant seals. No worries about water absorbtion as the petrol is never in the tank for long enough woohoo
Red Plus8

#572302 - 16/04/19 06:22 PM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: smudger1]
Stephen888 Offline
L - Learner Plates On

Registered: 22/03/11
Posts: 224
Loc: Cambridge UK
I have run my 1980 UK +8 3900ccs on RON 93 10% in the USA (that's Europe (97/98) with out issues for 4k miles. Also in mainland Europe on 10% Ethanol for many thousands of miles. In the UK I use whatever 98/99 is available usually supermarket including Tescos. I do the same for my AMG Merc GLE43 and that runs happily on whatever it's filled with.
1980 +8 Blue

#572330 - 16/04/19 08:42 PM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: Stephen888]
BertR Offline

Talk Morgan Regular

Registered: 13/12/09
Posts: 581
Loc: Aerdenhout, The Netherlands
All our cars get Shell V power always, in NL you then also now compensate for CO2 emissions.
2009 Roadster, Lancia midnight blue, cinnamon upholstery.

#572340 - 16/04/19 09:29 PM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: smudger1]
waikiore Offline
Learner Plates Off!

Registered: 23/05/17
Posts: 456
Loc: auckland new zealand
Ran v happily through the UK on V power and looked for the highest octane options in France avoiding the cheap E10 as I was worried about rubber seals etc.
99 plus 8 indigo

#572347 - 16/04/19 10:37 PM Re: Ethanol in Petroleum [Re: waikiore]
Gambalunga Offline

Member of the Inner Circle

Registered: 03/09/11
Posts: 11117
Loc: Mandello del Lario, Lake Como,...
The effect long term on fuel lines is a real concern. I have a section of fuel line to the injector rail that I will certainly replace in the next week or so. I had a problem a couple of years ago that could have resulted in a fire and I certainly don't want to repeat it.


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