Having followed all the squeak threads on here, and lubed rear springs to capacity with chain oil, copper grease, oil/solvent mix, not to mention my earlier sump drain underway, it got to the point where the squeaking drowned out the V8. Very difficult to tell where they come from, other than underneath! Having purchased a set of engine mounts along with exhaust mounts from G.E.E, I set about replacing them. I was initially dissapointed to see that the fatigue cracks in them were mostly superficial, certainly not the worn /separated mounts I was expecting, although they were surface hardened. Any way, happy to report no more squeaks, so if you're hunting down that elusive final squeak, you may want to look forward. Also purchased R380 gearbox mounts, and whilst I havent the foggiest where they go, at least they'll keep the spares shelf company.

"DOT" 35th Anniversary Edition Plus 8- family owned from new. Rolls Royce Pewter.
06 Saab 93