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It has been brought to my attention that people are advertising businesses, that sell products aimed specifically at the Morgan community, in their signatures - put quite simply, this is not allowed as per the terms of use of the site.

For over a decade Talk Morgan has been a privately funded, non-commercial, community. Some of the members have kindly donated toward the ongoing costs of running the site and whilst this is appreciated, it is never expected.

The reason the site has never allowed commercial advertising is to ensure the community, and site management, remains impartial and not beholden to advertisers. I have been approached many times over the years to sell advertising and monetise the site; this has always been met with a polite 'no thank you.'

Talk Morgan is for the community and I would ask that all who use the community respect these guidelines.

For the sake of clarity: a signature that promotes your business, whether you sell a service, part or product, aimed at Morgan, is considered advertising. This is not allowed.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Bumping this for 2021 - everyone has one weeks grace; after that, the same approach as above will be taken.