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New member and 3W owner

Posted By: Freddie3w

New member and 3W owner - 30/07/20 05:06 PM

I am new on the TM forum. I am a “young man in a 53 year old body”
I have just purchased a pre owned 3W ( May 2012) and just leaning the trio to keep it running and working.
I live in the area of Småland in Sweden in à small town called Värnamo.
Posted By: SFG

Re: New member and 3W owner - 30/07/20 05:10 PM

Welcome Freddie - I wonder who is the farthest north TM member?
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: New member and 3W owner - 30/07/20 05:23 PM

Hej Freddie

Welcome, I ‘think’ I visited your area in 2009 with a friend and colleague from Volvo Cars Sweden. We certainly went to Volvos holiday village near Marstrand then over to the ‘glass district’ and down to Simrishamn. He had just bought a Morgan and 2 of us drove over and back via Denmark and the big bridges. I worked a week a month in Gothenburg but was too lazy to learn more than Mariestad, Pyttipanna and Ärtsoppa

My late and best friend always laughed, ‘you have been coming here for 14 years and you know 3 words and they are all food or drink 🤣

Posted By: Graham, G4FUJ

Re: New member and 3W owner - 31/07/20 05:16 AM

Welcome to TM Freddie. Have fun with your M3W. smile
Posted By: +8Rich

Re: New member and 3W owner - 31/07/20 09:43 AM

Welcome Freddie, lots of friends and help on here.
I know we have other Morgan owners on here from Sweden but I don't recall reading of any M3W owners so far.
Posted By: planenut

Re: New member and 3W owner - 31/07/20 11:49 AM

Hello Freddie3w. Welcome to TM. Not so many M3W's in Sweden but we met a few owners two years ago at the Scandinavian meet in Norway. If you want to find out some more about your M3w this is a good place to look. The new Buyers Guide is particularly good for what to check for and what is available to fix some known problems.
Posted By: Marmota

Re: New member and 3W owner - 01/08/20 07:00 PM

Welcome to Talk Morgan and to the 3-Wheeler insanity too! rofl

If you realize it's too cold up there and plan to drive your machine in a warmer climate, you'll be more than welcome in Spain cheers
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