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Posted By: scott morgan

•Dynamat - 29/07/15 10:56 AM

Can anybody till me if Morgan have put any of this in the M3W
Posted By: planenut

Re: •Dynamat - 29/07/15 11:06 AM

Yes I can, no they haven't. Some people on TM have done it themselves in the past with good results they say.

Posted By: Mi3Wheeler

Re: •Dynamat - 29/07/15 12:04 PM

Extra weight with very little upside other than slightly muting a noisy bevel box. You are so exposed you will still hear most every noise. Using proper tape along the seams does fine for keeping things a bit cleaner in the cockpit.
Posted By: scott morgan

Re: •Dynamat - 29/07/15 12:11 PM

Thanks for that, as member of the vw community I have done many camper van and it make it so quite,I thought behind the seat will help with the dust as well as sound
Posted By: Michael H

Re: •Dynamat - 29/07/15 12:27 PM

Taping behind the seat just for dust control is a great idea! Be warned that whatever you use, be it tape or Dynamat, it will have to periodically come out so that you can do an annual bevel box oil change. It really is much easier that way.

As I changed out the rear sprocket for the Super Max refurb, the rear noise isn't an issue for me. Loosening the belt tension helps to kill the bevel box whine. I do think that using Dynamat on the transmission housing as well as the driveshaft cover would be a nice touch.
Posted By: Q8morgan

Re: •Dynamat - 29/07/15 03:45 PM

I must agree, its not worth the job, i did my m3w & i cant say i noticed any difference
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