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Sound deadening material.

Posted By: LarryS

Sound deadening material. - 07/08/15 06:53 PM

Has anyone tried using sound deadening material in the rear of the M3W? I was going put some on the rear facing firewall; however there is virtually no empty space. Next choice would be behind the seat back. BUT, I couldn't figure out how to get it out. I also would like to tape off the cracks back there to keep the dust down. Any help? LarryS
Posted By: Peter J

Re: Sound deadening material. - 07/08/15 08:17 PM

A sound plan, I used Dynamat on the Roadster, to good effect. I see no reason why it wouldn't work on the M3W
Posted By: scott morgan

Re: Sound deadening material. - 07/08/15 08:32 PM

I will be using dynamat on my m3w all over ,it worked on all my other cars and van
Posted By: Michael H

Re: Sound deadening material. - 07/08/15 10:24 PM

A great idea and I celebrate it! However, it has come to my attention that backing the rear seat, while good and groovy, will be periodically ruined by removal as getting to the bevel box to drain and change the oil is now recommended for every oil change! It is SO much easier to have access back there this way!

Reason I mention this is that Morgan has now changed their recommended bevel box change intervals to the same as the engine oil. It is a good idea.
Posted By: Mi3Wheeler

Re: Sound deadening material. - 07/08/15 11:20 PM

See this recent thread on the subject:
Posted By: TimG

Re: Sound deadening material. - 08/08/15 12:20 PM


There have been threads showing dynamat behind the seats. Blake did a sterling job but I stopped at behind & under the seats plus silicone sealing between floor & frame tubes. Simply sealing gaps behind the seats with aluminium tape will cut some of the noise & reduce dust inside.

Posted By: charlestkirby

Re: Sound deadening material. - 08/08/15 09:38 PM

Can you describe the sound you are trying to deaden?
Posted By: hbatts

Re: Sound deadening material. - 09/08/15 06:12 PM

Sound Deadening Instructions: 1. Do not run engine, 2, Do not move car.
Posted By: DaveW

Re: Sound deadening material. - 09/08/15 06:35 PM

Have you considered earplugs?
Or even noise cancelling headphones.............
Posted By: Q8morgan

Re: Sound deadening material. - 09/08/15 06:50 PM

Posted By: swissghost

Re: Sound deadening material. - 09/08/15 07:05 PM

i got the ones from "phonak". swiss company.
i use them for driving the m3w and for pistol-shooting. they are great! you can talk to each other but the "bad" sound is turned down!!! excelent

Attached picture phonak.PNG
Posted By: LarryS

Re: Sound deadening material. - 13/08/15 07:58 PM

Bevel box and belt noise.
Posted By: Neil49

Re: Sound deadening material. - 16/09/15 01:54 AM

Thinking ahead, I contacted Dynamat and this is their reply;

'...... using our Dynamat Xtreme on all areas of the interior and cargo area, and Dynaliner on the floor and firewall, the vehicle will feel more tight, solid, and cooler.

Xtreme is a peel and stick product that will damp vibrations in sheet metal and/or fiberglass and will give the vehicle a more solid feel when driving, and make the doors sound more solid when closing.

Dynaliner is a closed cell, peel and stick foam that when used over the Xtreme will reduce the amount of engine heat felt through the floor/firewall . Dynaliner is available in 3 thicknesses: 1/8, , and inch. Use the thickest one possible in any given area for the best results.'

Many would keep the noise and feel as this is what Morgans are about, and some would say that is why you have one. But I offer Dynamat's reply for those who may like to calm things down a bit.

A traditionalist, I am not sure yet.

Posted By: Peter J

Re: Sound deadening material. - 16/09/15 06:44 AM

Neil, I lined the footwell, floor, sides and back if the passenger compartment on the Roadster.

Dynamat Xtreem does exactly as it says, the reduction in noise and heat was significant, even without the Dynaliner.

Fitting it is tedious and you need a lot of new Stanly Knife blades as the backing is quit thick, soft aluminium sheet. The stuff is also very sticky, once fitted it isn't easy to remove! Measure twice and cut once and make templates from card where needed.

There is a thread here with details. I'll see if I can past a link to it.

I suspect it would help a lot in the M3W, but I'd add the Dynaliner on the floor and rear bulkhead.
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