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Driven it!

Posted By: Dr.T

Driven it! - 29/08/17 10:30 PM

Last year I put down a deposit for a brand new MTW. However, after a brutal hike in CO2 tax, and the latest Euro4 changes I no longer could stomach the total cost, hassle and insecurity of it all. I cancelled the order.
I believe the car would have been smashing in "Zircon blue" with painted cowl and "silver birch" wheels. Both colors from a 1969 Rover P5B.

The very next day after I cancelled, the dealer offered me a 2014 with painted cowl in Jaguar "irridium" silver and black quilted leather. I bought it without hesitation.

First drive vas an 8h stint from Oslo to my home. All started sunny and nice, but later I drove into something that reminded me of Mordor. Pitch dark heavy rain, resulting in 1/2" depth of water inside the car!
Just as well, as it´s now cleaner inside and behind the trim than it´s been for a long time, after extensive drying, cleaning and treatment of Autoglym´s finest.

Funny thing. There´s not one single thing this car excels at, except being quirky, and at a steady 60km/h at 3000 rpm it´s like driving a cross between an ATW and a lawn mover. Same sound, and just as interesting.
BUT! Given the right road,(I´m spoilt by choice) weather(ok, not so much) and the right clothing... Nothing comes close.

This thing drives almost exactly as I imagined, a few things even better.
-Clutch is more progressive and manageable than i thought.
-Engine braking like a large V8, almost rendering the brakes unnecessary between curves
-the pops and crackles
-the blippability when selecting down a ratio. Smooth.

It was not the car I ordered, but a good second choice, and I have logged a couple of wonderful drives this year already.

This is the ticket! And after a few modest improvements/mods it will be even better.

Thanks for all the knowledge an input you good people have brought to the forum.

Good Night

Posted By: +8Rich

Re: Driven it! - 29/08/17 10:48 PM

An interesting story T and really pleased you are enjoying the total experience, a photograph sometime would be good we like them thumbs.

Wishing you many happy kilometres.
Posted By: Lance

Re: Driven it! - 29/08/17 11:12 PM

Welcome to the insanity
Posted By: ewn

Re: Driven it! - 30/08/17 06:05 AM

I like your enthusiasm, the 3wheeler tends to catch the most spontaneous customers, probably because there's no other justification for having one except the fun factor.
Enjoy to the full and please post lots of pictures of your spectacular countryside. some day I'll visit Norway 🇳🇴, Aberdeenshire is tantalisingly close.
Posted By: Roger Tapley

Re: Driven it! - 30/08/17 06:40 AM

Just returned from Stravanger not in the mog unfortunately with those beautiful roads perfect for all things Morgan!
Posted By: Dr.T

Re: Driven it! - 30/08/17 06:58 AM

There used to be a ferry crossing between Newcastle and Stavanger, I believe. Not sure if there´s any ferrying between our two great countries anymore.
Since we both drive on the wrong side of the road(diplomatic) it surely limits the number of drivers.

Pictures, ahem. Some day,must sort out some stuff first innocent

Posted By: St Eve

Re: Driven it! - 30/08/17 07:28 AM

Originally Posted By Dr.T
There used to be a ferry crossing between Newcastle and Stavanger, I believe.
Yes, there was but ceased some time ago. Keen to take my trad to Norway by the most direct route, I contacted the company that, at the
time, was considering reviving the service in order to register interest. But it came to nothing, unless any one knows different...?
Posted By: DocNik

Re: Driven it! - 30/08/17 08:32 AM

Välkommen in i galenskapen, bäste kollega(?)!

I agree, this car does one thing, and it does it exceptionally well - it is fun!

When it isn´t all broken down, that is, like mine...
Posted By: High Noon

Re: Driven it! - 30/08/17 11:16 AM

Dr. T,

Really glad this worked out....I thought it would!

A few photos please.

High Noon Speed Shop

My Blog:
Posted By: TimG

Re: Driven it! - 31/08/17 08:02 AM

Dr T glad you are pleased with your purchase. According to autocar magazine its the most fun vehicle at any price & likely the most frustrating.
My 2013 car leaked but after applying silicone sealer between frame & floor under the seats & the section just in front of the seats it stayed dry. I never did the front footwell section. After a rebuild with a new chassis mastic sealer had been applied.

Posted By: NeilL

Re: Driven it! - 31/08/17 09:49 AM

Delighted that it all worked out for you.

Thanks for the feedback too - a great post!
Posted By: NeilL

Re: Driven it! - 31/08/17 11:50 AM

We love camera on here - so do let us see a shot of your car.
Posted By: Dr.T

Re: Driven it! - 31/08/17 01:54 PM

High Noon! Feel free to post the pictures of my car, if you still have it.
The kids want PICTURES! laugh
Posted By: High Noon

Re: Driven it! - 31/08/17 03:29 PM

Here ya go Dr. T

High Noon


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Posted By: Dr.T

Re: Driven it! - 01/09/17 12:24 AM

Thanks! One less computerized challenge for me today.
Have been struggeling with something wonderful called SAP for a few hours now. Never to late to give up is my motto.

So what do you think guys?
I know, polish the exhaust, and get rid of the learner wheels already! smile
Posted By: Mark H

Re: Driven it! - 01/09/17 04:45 AM

Nice looking M3W Dr T a perfect canvas.
Posted By: NeilL

Re: Driven it! - 01/09/17 07:10 AM

Looks great! Simple elegance and a joy to behold!
Posted By: TimG

Re: Driven it! - 01/09/17 07:52 AM

You will likely soon give up trying to keep the exhaust shiny.
Posted By: Q8morgan

Re: Driven it! - 01/09/17 01:53 PM

Originally Posted By TimG
You will likely soon give up trying to keep the exhaust shiny.


Very true
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