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New fuel leak

Posted By: Bunny

New fuel leak - 15/05/19 08:30 AM

Yesterday, after filling up with fuel, there was a noticable whiff of petrol while driving along. There followed a forensic inspection of all the usual places leaks may occur: hoses around injectors; hoses behind engine; hoses on fuel tank link pipe; fuel tank brackets; etc. In the end, I noticed signs of fuel weeping from where the filler pipe meets the left hand fuel tank. It appears that the weld has cracked where it meets the tank.

In retrospect, this is not too surprising because we know that the tanks move up and down and we also know that aluminium is fairly brittle and doesn't flex too well.

My plan is to seal the area with fuel compatible PU sealant but I couldn't help wondering if a flexible section of pipe in the region shown might have prevented the problem in the first place.

My car has covered just over 10,000 miles. It's possible that the crack may have been there for some time and I've only just noticed it. I did give the car a particularly generous fuel fill on this occasion!

Posted By: Phil Bleazey

Re: New fuel leak - 15/05/19 10:46 AM

Seems to be another case of the convenience of " just weld it all together" being overpowered by the reality of needing less stress on the welds. Yes, your flexible connection near the tank will do the trick - good luck.
Posted By: PaulR

Re: New fuel leak - 15/05/19 11:12 AM

Looks like bad weld penetration at that start and stop point,
maybe grounds for a no charge replacement
Posted By: LightSpeed

Re: New fuel leak - 15/05/19 11:30 AM

Originally Posted By PaulR
Looks like bad weld penetration at that start and stop point,
maybe grounds for a no charge replacement

+1 for the very poor weld. I too think it should be replaced for free.

Your idea of adding a flexible section seems reasonable, but why not just replace the entire metal tube with a flex tube?
Posted By: Dan_Lockwood

Re: New fuel leak - 15/05/19 12:25 PM

Just a word to the wise, it takes a special rubber tube for petrol/gas. Using radiator type hose will not last long for petrol.

So just make sure you purchase the correct hose and you should be good to go.
Posted By: LightSpeed

Re: New fuel leak - 15/05/19 12:29 PM

MiniCooper has twin tanks and a long path from the cap to the tank. Worth checking out.
Posted By: Bunny

Re: New fuel leak - 15/05/19 04:53 PM

Thanks for everyone's thoughts on this. If the car was under warranty then the tank may have been replaced f.o.c., however at seven years old (and with the benefit of past experience) I don't even think it's worth asking! What worries me is that, as far as we know, they are still fitting the same design of fuel tanks to new cars, design faults & all.

Oh, and remember to double check the tension of your fuel tank webbing straps folks! If you can move the rear of the tanks up and down by hand the straps are too loose. soapbox
Posted By: rcmatt

Re: New fuel leak - 15/05/19 05:03 PM

It sure looks like a poor weld. But I agree with everyone. A short pipe and then flex hose would have been better.... of course then I remember I have occasionally filled to the tip top of the piping pantsdown
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