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Trailering the M3W

Posted By: Hogzilla

Trailering the M3W - 24/10/20 01:58 PM

Okay, don't blast me. I am not a fan of trailering but, at times I have to. So, I have an enclosed trailer I trailer motorcycles and it is set up with wheel chocks so you can roll the front tire in it and it locks into place. Of course on a motorcycle you still want to run straps to help secure it. So I was thinking, If I had two wheel chocks mounted in the front of the trailer, I could use those for the Morgan. I really wouldn't need to strap it down because it will not fall over. I could strap the back tire down and that would hold the car securely from moving.
My questions are, anyone out there doing this? How wide and long of a trailer are you guys using? Any input would be much appreciated. (Yes, I know the car is made to drive, not ride in a box). Thanks
Posted By: LightSpeed

Re: Trailering the M3W - 24/10/20 02:08 PM

Check out the Speedy Marmots Blog here on TM.
Posted By: britmog

Re: Trailering the M3W - 24/10/20 02:08 PM

To help you search TM one the best ways is to Google e.g. trailering a M3W, will come up with various threads on TM that will give you some information.
Posted By: LightSpeed

Re: Trailering the M3W - 24/10/20 02:09 PM

There are some pretty amazing trailers Posted in here.
Posted By: Hogzilla

Re: Trailering the M3W - 24/10/20 02:49 PM

Posted By: Michael H

Re: Trailering the M3W - 24/10/20 04:53 PM

I bought a flat bed motorcycle trailer suitable for carrying 3 bikes. It has a front steel skirt to keep debris off the hardware. It came with three chocks and I removed one and re-positioned two to reflect the M3W. I tie down the front to some brackets in the deck thence to the frame to snug in the Morgan to the chocks. I also wrap a strap through the rear wheel from side to side. The trailer has no springs so it can get bouncy. After a mile or so I re-snug everything down and we're good to go. It has never moved in many miles.
Posted By: Lance

Re: Trailering the M3W - 24/10/20 04:54 PM This is the trailer I use

Drops flat to the ground for loading
Posted By: 06032

Re: Trailering the M3W - 24/10/20 10:35 PM

After struggling too many times to find a rental trailer to deliver my 3W to venues and service, I finally cracked this year and bought a 7x14 enclosed cargo trailer. A 7x12 would have sufficed. Two sections of 30" e-track, two wheel chocks, wheel nets and d-ring ratchet straps for the rear. The toy ain't moving, no matter what. Best of all, it doubles as a camper/rowing regatta lounge when we arrive. Wish I had done it sooner.
Posted By: Marmota

Re: Trailering the M3W - 26/10/20 11:10 AM

My answer, as Stephen suggested... is here:

And the rearview camera link

About the front chocks motorcycle-like, I thought about them too. But were not really necessary IMHO with our kind of trailer. Beware of tilting chocks! The kind that when you put the tyre in tilt and embrace the tyre also at the back: they are usually too large and they will damage the back side of your wehll fender. The chocks should be fixed type.
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