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Mystery Wire

Posted By: OhioM3W

Mystery Wire - 17/01/21 11:36 PM

So I was changing the oil and next to the filter i discover a wire hanging down after I changed the oil filter. Everything looks to be in order - nothing exposed - but this thing is hanging. I can push it in to a nut just outside the filter but it doesn’t feel right. And it’s not threaded. Any thoughts? Can’t figure out how to post a photo small enough to share 😩
Posted By: LightSpeed

Re: Mystery Wire - 17/01/21 11:49 PM

Post your question on Facebook on the Thre Wheeler forum, photos are waaaaay more easy.
Posted By: planenut

Re: Mystery Wire - 18/01/21 09:28 AM

The wire could be the oil pressure sensor wire as it is next to the filter. In the photo (this isn't quite like the standard set up as it has a sandwich plate) the pressure switch is the silver and black item at about 4 o'clock in relation to the filter housing, with a wire going to it. If it is disconnected the oil pressure light will not operate correctly. For info there is a section on posting photos in the "Welcome Forum" at the top

[Linked Image]
Posted By: hugo

Re: Mystery Wire - 18/01/21 09:48 AM

I would think it is the oil pressure switch, i broke mine when changing the filter
Posted By: Obie

Re: Mystery Wire - 18/01/21 10:50 AM

That's why i switched over to using the KN-171B filter listed in Planenuts alternative parts list as it has a nut on the end so removing is easy.
Posted By: OhioM3W

Re: Mystery Wire - 18/01/21 11:31 AM

Thanks. That’s definitely it. It looks like everything is hooked up correctly but the whole steep just needs a place to live, and I must have knocked it off while changing the oil filter like Hugo. I think even taping it would work. Hugo?
Posted By: hugo

Re: Mystery Wire - 18/01/21 12:31 PM

I had to replace the oil pressure switch as the nut had snapped off and the spring had come out swear
Posted By: LightSpeed

Re: Mystery Wire - 18/01/21 01:16 PM

I relocated the oil pressure switch by putting in a grease gun flex line and then mounting the switch to the frame members. It gave more room around the filter and it also allowed for an oil pressure gauge sender to be installed.

[Linked Image]

This was my crude test to see how well it worked with the massive oil pressure sender that came with my gauge. I need to find a smaller sender.
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