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Speed ​​sensor

Posted By: GLLOQ

Speed ​​sensor - 18/04/22 06:55 PM

My speedometer had been working sporadically for years and no longer worked after three repairs to the sensor harness, so I ordered a sensor from China and on a $12 promotion to try to repair it, I was billed $150 the last time in Malvern. So I ordered with aliexpress a sensor for HD with Delphi direct plug it also comes with cable harness and Deutsch three-pin connector, the original sensor is wired with a 1w - 2k ohm resistor perhaps to lower the strength of the signal. The problem that I may encounter again is pain on the side of my stomach caused by my wife who nudges me while watching the speedometer as I drive, the last time she did not dare on the highway because she not sure what 6200rpm is in fifth gear when accelerating.
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[Linked Image] center distance and the diameter may be smaller, the length is identical, which is why I rebuilt a support, it is possible to fix it in the same place by drilling another tapped hole.
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Posted By: Taffmog

Re: Speed ​​sensor - 18/04/22 07:41 PM

Thanks for that !
Posted By: LightSpeed

Re: Speed ​​sensor - 18/04/22 09:45 PM

Good one for the Alternate Parts List. Thank you.
Posted By: nippymog

Re: Speed ​​sensor - 18/04/22 09:46 PM

Great info GLLOQ , many thanks
Posted By: rockabilly john

Re: Speed ​​sensor - 19/04/22 03:42 AM

What type of air filter are you using. Looks a simple solution.
Posted By: GLLOQ

Re: Speed ​​sensor - 19/04/22 07:00 AM

With my sensor, you have to choose the black three-way Delphi connector.
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to mount the air filter, the part must be made to measure.

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