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Posted By: NeilL

Help! - 17/10/19 03:40 PM

Hi everybody

Well long time since I posted on TM. But here I am.

Since you last heard from me life has been interesting to say the very least.

Of all the issues I have faced the biggest has been Prostate Cancer. I was formally diagnosed in Feb/ March as having aggressive tumours in my Prostate.

The blighter was removed ( involving a Robot!) on June 11th.

Since then it’s been a successful road into remission. I feel v lucky that the Cancer was removed before it had spread.

Yes I have ongoing issues but for now cancer...phew!

Anyway enough about my nether regions.

I am hoping to buy a Morgan. Yehhhhh!

My problem is that I do not think I can afford a 1997 or later car.

So am faced with the choice of a Steel Bulkhead car. This is making me nervous!

I want to avoid buying a car only to find the Bulkhead is rusting and the potential costs of restoration.

Sooo.....your best advice would be most welcome.

It feels good to have posted this -and a big HI to all my MOG pals.


Neil happy3
Posted By: Graham, G4FUJ

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 03:51 PM

Welcome back Neil! thumbs
Glad to hear things are working out.
Condition of bulkhead really depends on how a car has been looked after, obviously. There will be a good number out there with perfectly acceptable steel bulkheads.
Good luck with your search.
Posted By: Bonesie

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 03:58 PM

Cant give any advice on the MOG but big fist bump for ridding yourself of the big C
Looking forward to seeing whatever you end up buying

Good luck Neil cheers
Posted By: DaveW

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 04:02 PM

Good to see you back Neil cheers
Posted By: Rog G

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 04:15 PM

Glad you are back Neil, I did wonder if you were all OK
Posted By: Luddite

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 04:35 PM

Congrats on your recovery process NeilL, as an owner of an 86+8 all be it restored circa Y2K, I can confirm that Graham is correct that there are bound to be Morgans out there like mine with no corrosion on the bulkhead, there are bound to be many more out there similar.

Good luck in your search.. thumbs
Posted By: Hamwich

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 04:51 PM

Great to see you back, Neil! I posted on your other thread about CVH engines. Personally I wouldn't worry about a rusty bulkhead, most Mogs are pretty pampered. Easiest way to check is the most vulnerable area, which is at the side of the bulkhead under the rear of the wing.
Posted By: Peter J

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 04:53 PM


good to hear from you.
Even better to hear that the Robot worked and you have been neatly separated from the tumour.

As to a Plus 8, I think that the ideal choice is possibly a car that has already had the steel bulkhead replaced with a stainless one.

All the best...

Posted By: +8Rich

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 05:05 PM

Good to see you back Neil and great news that they have sorted out your nether regions and all is clear.

There are several cars around at the moment that fit the bill but as you know they are all subject to close inspection and a good test drive.
I have just spotted this one on Devon which might be a possible for you 1980 4/4 4 seater
Posted By: Ray

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 05:12 PM

Great to hear your on the mend. As to the bulkhead, hopefully you can find a genuine seller who won't mind if you look behind the carpet or trim in the foot well and door posts. Look there and it should be obvious if there is any corrosion present in the bottom bulkhead.PS where it bolts to the chassis.
Posted By: SteveT

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 05:28 PM

Hi Neil ! really good to hear you are ok and you must come for a beer/coffee with the Wild Team when you can.. SBM's in the chair.

As Ray says anyone worth their salt selling a Morgan should let you dig around a bit to check in the vulnerable areas (the cars not yours!) if not walk away.

If we can help just shout, I'll send Wirewheel smile
Posted By: petemog

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 05:30 PM

Welcome back Neil. I’m sure the right car will choose you before too long and hopefully you will bring your new steed to Prescott next season.
Posted By: CooperMan

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 05:30 PM

Neil, welcome back

From memory you very kindly sent me some photos of my Roadster in build back in May18, for which I'm eternally grateful

I hope the future is good to you
Posted By: sospan

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 05:53 PM

Welcome back Neil. cheers
Good result on your health.

Re older car. There are enough cars out there for you to be selective provided you have some flexibility on colours etc..
As others have advised, have a good look over the car and don’t hold back on checks. If at a dealer then ask for it to be put up on a ramp. As well as the bulkhead check the inner wings and chassis too.
Posted By: Alistair

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 06:50 PM

Welcome back. If there is an upside I trust that it has let you enjoy every new moment of life and you will really get the most out of the Morgan.

Hope you find a good one.
Posted By: Wirewheel

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 07:08 PM

Welcome back Neil.
I do not post on here anymore however, you are worthy of the exception,
Hope to see you around.
Posted By: BertR

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 07:25 PM

I admire your openness and courage by sharing your story. Your story on recovery may increase awareness amongst “us” guys on this forum. With upcoming Movember, a good reminder to not ignore symptoms and seek treatment.
I am sure a Morgan that suits you, is out there.
Posted By: HeadlessBlue

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 07:28 PM

Welcome back Neil, even if I wasn’t around when you used to post. Without wishing to be too facetious, why did you have to have a robot removed from your nether regions? Was something being done incorrectly? Seriously though, big congratulations on the positive steps forward.
I hope my banal attempt at levity causes no offence and apologies and full, erm, retraction if so.
Anyway hope you find a lovely 4 wheeled steed to take you on your next Morgan journey.....
Ps Wirewheel, I, for one, am sad that you no longer post, I have heard good things re your tour guide stuff/experience and hope Neils return is enough to get you posting regularly again (a bit like Jays who I’ve seen when reading back through TM)
Kindest regards and continued good health to you Neil
Best wishes
Posted By: NeilL

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 07:41 PM

Thank you all so much for your very welcome back messages - I feel overwhelmed, very very kind. I hesitate to preach about Prostate Cancer - although I have now become an Ambassador for my type of surgery in this area where I live.
No problem with humour at all - any kind, its one of the best ways to lower barriers and male inhibitions.
Suffice to say that for those of us over 60 an annual PSA Test is the only way forward. Please do not let your GP deflect you from this screening method.

I had no symptoms - but my very high PSA was fortunately picked up during a "well man" screening!!!!!

Anyway onto important topics...big thanks for the advice. Although I have owned quite modern MOGs I am completely new to the world of older versions.

I am learning fast!

Keep your thoughts coming.

Cheers laugh2
Posted By: Stewart S

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 07:56 PM

Hey Neil
Fab to have the former 4/4 Boy and Roadster Boy back
Great news on your fight against cancer
Posted By: Craig Jezz

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 09:29 PM

Good to see you back again Neil.
Posted By: Paul F

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 09:33 PM

Great to see you back after your dice with man-plague.

Allon-White have a number of older Morgans in stock at present - worth a look although you might want to steer clear of the ones they describe as project cars given your comment on bulkheads.

They recently sold our old 4/4 (1985, B31HWP) - that was a good car and the bulkhead was sound when we sold it in Dec-13 and I suspect still is.

Good luck with your quest.
Posted By: James B W

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 09:35 PM

- welcome back Neil; glad to hear you have the 'big C' on the run.....

A Mog with a replacement SS bulkhead (as suggested) sounds like a good plan thumbs

Posted By: Button

Re: Help! - 17/10/19 10:02 PM

When one gets into older Morgans (I have spent the last 35 years with Older Morgans. A lot older than 1997). I just let my heart and pocketbook make the decision. No way to check these old Morgans to be 100% that they are free from rust and rot. The sill and rocker is where I look. You can access the sill from under the front wing. I check the upholstery in the footwell. If it is ratty and/or wet I get suspicious. One trick I used when checking a old Morgan out was to make the Owner a deal. I would negotiate a price if I found no rust and rot. If I could pull the interior out or loosen it so I could inspect the wood from the front of the sill to the rear and inspect as needed to verify it was rot/rust free. For Me I can ordinarily fix this rot/rust quite easily and if I found rot/rust (and I usually do) I renegotiate the price - if I still want the Morgan. But ordinarily I just pay negotiated price and fix the rot/rust. If You have no skills, go find an old Morgan codger who can advise You. Somebody like Me. I do this for free all the time. Owners do not like Me, afterall I will tear the lining out if I start to see rot. No choice!
Posted By: stefan s

Re: Help! - 18/10/19 05:35 AM

Welcome back Neil.
Posted By: KEVFITZ

Re: Help! - 18/10/19 07:28 AM

Welcome return Neil...hope you have fun seeking out your new Morgan.
Posted By: sospan

Re: Help! - 18/10/19 08:45 AM

Neil, I saw your post in For Sale section and left comments. Waiting for Mods to approve it.....
Gives details of cvh efi I had in my first Mog....1993 4/4.
Posted By: Gambalunga

Re: Help! - 18/10/19 03:22 PM

Welcome back Neil, and I am pleased to hear that life is looking rosey again.

My advice would be to think very carefully about an older car. There are a number of issues that you may need to consider. Older cars tend to be less reliable and whilst they are easier to self maintain they may require unexpected and costly repairs. I speak from experience. Motor and electronic technology have moved on considerably and in general terms more reliable than older systems.

The other issue which may present problems in the near future is that the screws are slowly tightening against older cars on the grounds of polution. In my region the use of such cars may be banned on days of high polution and may be banned from entering certain city zones.

Not that I want to give my life story but having suffered a serious road accident followed by the loss of a lifetime partner after a long struggle with cancer I have decided that life is too short not to use what resources I can to achieve some of my dreams. This led me to a planned trip for one year to Italy in 2003 (and I am still here) and to purchasing a new Plus 4 in 2012.

I know nothing of your financial situation Neil but what I can say is that as far as possible live your dreams.

It seems to me that a decent 80s car will cost between £20K and £25K whereas a reasonably low mileage 2012 car (Euro 5 emissions and modern engine and electronics, plus better dampers and steering systems) can be found for around £32K.

A good example would be this:
Another good example would be this 4/4 at Lifes:
Posted By: NeilL

Re: Help! - 18/10/19 04:24 PM

Thanks v much Peter. Good advice - and thanks for the Links. Its quite a dilemma. but as said so often on TM ....the Right Car will find me ...hopefully!! laugh2
Posted By: andymot

Re: Help! - 18/10/19 05:43 PM

Great to see you back Neil after your battle. I think Peter makes some very insightful comments within his post so very good advice indeed.

It is a dilemma - one I have been discussing with my father who got out of Morgan ownership 20 years ago and now wants back in. The sweet spot with regard ages/prices seems to be around the £30K mark - not that there is anything wrong with an older car - far from it, but for relatively little extra outlay a far more modern car can-be obtained with all the inherent advantages that brings. The other thing that struck me - I think your previous Morgan was an 80th Anniversary 4/4? Any car you end up with needs to live up to it or disappointment may set in?

Having said that Allon white have just listed a terrific 1983 4/4 with just 2200 odd miles on it - looks stunning. They also have a 1996 4/4 that looks good at a shade over £20K.

Happy hunting and welcome back!
Posted By: Gordon D

Re: Help! - 18/10/19 06:39 PM

[quote ....the Right Car will find me ...hopefully!! laugh2[/quote]

Hi Neil

The right Morgan will definitely find you.
I researched the market for around a year before I even took a test drive at my nearest dealer, the car if I remember correctly was around 1997, whilst it wasn't "my car", the dealer, after listening to my comments recommended I go for the newest Morgan I could afford. Best advice I got by a country mile. Not all Morgan owners buy for the same reasons, I think this is not fully appreciated by other owners.

Follow your heart and apply some basic car buying common sense is my advice. You won't go far wrong.
Best of luck with your future motoring.
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