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Posted By: Gambalunga

Perfect - 19/10/19 10:13 PM

[Linked Image]

If you aren't wearing your glasses you might not even understand what you are looking at smile

Perfect camouflage.

Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa) also called a Lapland Allocco
Taken from the Facebook page of the Fondo Forestale Italiano
Posted By: BertR

Re: Perfect - 19/10/19 10:16 PM

Great picture, the wonders of nature.
Posted By: Jon G4LJW

Re: Perfect - 20/10/19 12:08 PM

Great shot!
Posted By: lowebird

Re: Perfect - 20/10/19 02:28 PM

Isn't that just the best thing this year.
Posted By: nick w

Re: Perfect - 20/10/19 02:56 PM

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