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Posted By: Gordon D

On tv - 20/11/20 09:05 PM

On just now on sky arts, Brian Johnson and nick mason talk cars and music.
Posted By: Ian Wegg

Re: On tv - 21/11/20 04:07 PM

Thanks Gordon, I watched it this morning - very interesting.

For anyone else, it's called Brian Johnson’s A Life On The Road and it is episode 3 of series 1. I found I could watch it on my Virgin Media TiVo box through its catchup service but it looks like it is also available at
Posted By: +8Rich

Re: On tv - 21/11/20 06:36 PM

I caught a bit of it when he turned the taps on in the 250 GTO, bloody hell it did sound fabulous.

I have seen it perform at Revival and it's a beauty.
Posted By: Gordon D

Re: On tv - 21/11/20 06:53 PM

I see it's on again Sunday 1.35am if anyone missed it. More about music than the cars but very interesting.
Did I hear correctly, the 250gto bought for 35k now valued around 40 million. crazy2
Posted By: +8Rich

Re: On tv - 21/11/20 06:55 PM

Thanks Gordon, yes you did crazy stuff.
Posted By: TBM

Re: On tv - 21/11/20 07:03 PM

In the same vein 'cars that rock with BJ' has just started on DMAX looking at Land Rover
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