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Special Birthdays

Posted By: lowebird

Special Birthdays - 22/09/19 02:59 PM

Chaps, I know that there are many definitions of special birthdays very much dependent on whether you are a bloke or a lady. I have a special birthday coming soon which involves re applying for my driving licence and whilst pondering this I thought about how lucky our generation are to get to this mile stone in as much as we just missed WW2, lived through the '60's when we were going to change the world and by dint of many pills arrived here.
It also got me thinking about a chat I had on here a while back with Stewart and The Moody Blues LP, "To Our Childrens Childrens Children" On it is a track called "I never thought I'd live to be a Hundred" well here's hoping that it comes about because I never dreamt I would get this far.
Posted By: pandy

Re: Special Birthdays - 22/09/19 05:11 PM

Congrats on the impending three score years and ten Reg. Just keep on doing what you're doing laugh

Age is very much a state of mind. The father of a friend (who is a few years older than you) having taken up sailing quite late in life, has just got back from 2 years sailing around the world on the Oyster World rally on his Oyster 53. You'd think he was 20 years younger than he is.
Posted By: BobtheTrain

Re: Special Birthdays - 22/09/19 05:30 PM

Originally Posted by lowebird
I have a special birthday coming soon which involves re applying for my driving licence

PLEASE keep all your categories. It took me 6 monthe to get my C1 back. You may think you won't need it but you just might if you buy a motorhome over 5 tonne.
Posted By: lowebird

Re: Special Birthdays - 22/09/19 05:59 PM

Bob, Thanks for the reminder. I definitely will not be going back to MotorHomes having enjoyed them for over 20 years but the bit about trailers may come into it
Posted By: John V6

Re: Special Birthdays - 22/09/19 06:14 PM

Bob, I noted your agony & if the brain still works in 8 years I'll bear it in mind.
I am just amazed, where did all that time go. The next 20 are going to be an inglorious / fun wait for God.
Posted By: HeadlessBlue

Re: Special Birthdays - 22/09/19 06:29 PM

Well done on getting to 95!!!!!
You don’t look a day over 71 either.....
UK version of Mr Button? (Apologies if overstepped the mark-no offence intended!)
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