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Plastic steering column shroud

Posted By: SAE

Plastic steering column shroud - 25/10/20 03:18 PM

I tried to remove steering column plastic shroud this morning on my 2000 Morgan plus 8 to cover in leather.I removed the 3 screws from underneath the shroud and separated the 2 halves but the bottom part I am having trouble get over the lift lever that raises and lowers the steering wheel as lever is bigger then the slot opening on the shroud.Any help would be appreciated also going to replace the airbag steering wheel with the new mot lita wheel I just got and boss after I deactivate airbag.
Posted By: Robbie Mathisen

Re: Plastic steering column shroud - 25/10/20 07:23 PM

Are you shure it is too big? I remember I had just the same problem and was on the verge of giving up. Then, all of a sudden the lever went through the hole, and off it came. So it boiled down down to fiddling about long enough and finding the exact angle. If the lever went in, it should come out. My car is from 2004, so I guess the design of the shroud is equal or at last similar. As for the airbag, sorry can't help. My reason for taiking the shroud off was to change the indicator/light stalk. While off, I sprayed the quite ugly plastic shroud dark brown, to blend in with the wooden dash and tan leather. Turned out rather nice. Of course to cover in leather is more elegant, but my solution wasn't bad either, cheap and simple.
Posted By: sospan

Re: Plastic steering column shroud - 26/10/20 12:33 AM

I have a 2002 Plus8. You need to jiggle the cover (ooo er matron) to get the angle right to get over the height adjuster. Removing the dash gives lots of extra room. 3 screws. I have a removable steering wheel so that creates extra room.
Posted By: SAE

Re: Plastic steering column shroud - 28/10/20 12:20 AM

Wiggled it around and it came off and now have a moto lita steering wheel much better.Thanks for the help
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