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Posted By: griffo

Angouleme - 11/10/19 11:08 AM

The French have (finally) announced the dates of the 2020 Circuit des Remaprts. It will not be the second weekend of the month, as usual, but the weekend of 19th/20th. "Possum" will be at the Appart'City Hotel, which still has rooms.
Posted By: CooperMan

Re: Angouleme - 11/10/19 01:23 PM

Griffo, still September ?
Posted By: griffo

Re: Angouleme - 11/10/19 02:36 PM

Yes. Still September.
Posted By: Robbie

Re: Angouleme - 13/10/19 10:12 AM

Was there this year -- good fun - nice restaurants and as they make such effort down there to make wine we felt it would be rude not to drink it!!!!
Posted By: Graham, G4FUJ

Re: Angouleme - 13/10/19 11:47 AM

Quite right Robbie!
Posted By: madmax

Re: Angouleme - 04/11/19 04:58 PM

Hoping to go !
Posted By: Nickplus4

Re: Angouleme - 28/05/20 08:37 PM

For those going to Angouleme (not us unfortunately this year), the Charente and Charente Maritime areas have a €100 voucher scheme in operation to get tourists back once things open up. I found it on the Connexions website (a french news service in english).... its something like if you stay 2 nights, eat in a restaurant, and visit an attraction then you can submit the receipts and they send you €100.

Posted By: Nickplus4

Re: Angouleme - 29/05/20 11:05 AM
Posted By: griffo

Re: Angouleme - 23/06/20 01:33 PM

Thanks Nick. That is very useful.
Posted By: Dean-Royal

Re: Angouleme - 18/08/20 11:28 AM

There was a link added to one of the Threads regarding this years event in Septemeber, can anyone advise how easy this event is to visit and have any knowledge
of camping or Motor-home parking in or nearby the event.

Thanks in advance

Posted By: CooperMan

Re: Angouleme - 18/08/20 12:34 PM

Dean, great event, we went about 5 years ago & stayed about 40 mins drive north & had a lovely country drive in each day and just parked within the town, we had got prebooked seats for viewing near the church

The evening parade / informal concours of competitors the night before is very busy & great atmosphere

A Mog pal has stayed in a hotel in the town, which he said was great as you just leave the Mog parked there & come and go as you want

Would love to go this year but Mrs M, feels the 2 week quarantine on return would not bode well as an NHS nurse
Posted By: Ian Wegg

Re: Angouleme - 18/08/20 12:48 PM

Reports elsewhere say this has been cancelled?

Update: Confirmed on Facebook I'm afraid.

The Circuit des Remparts forced to postpone its 49th edition.

The association of the Circuit des Remparts, in consultation with the Prefecture of the Charente and the City Hall of Angoulême, postpones the 49th edition of its event, scheduled for September 18, 19 and 20, to the September 17, 18 and 19, 2021.

Posted By: Dean-Royal

Re: Angouleme - 18/08/20 09:24 PM

mmmmmm Shame just trying to fit something in before the year ends, never mind blighty it may be.

Just made my first reservation for 2021 late August on the Urlaubs Train, let's hope the restrictions
have eased by then.
Posted By: Eastertown

Re: Angouleme - 20/08/20 08:03 AM

Angouleme 2020 Cancelled. Very sad after all the work put in by the volunteer organisers. Now awaiting news of what the situation is with refunds on entry fees. Brittany Ferries already saying claim on insurance re: quarantine.
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