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Leadfoot 2021 and NZ Covid-19

Posted By: Ian Wegg

Leadfoot 2021 and NZ Covid-19 - 28/08/20 08:59 AM

The Leadfoot Festival in New Zealand has been on my bucket list for a while. It is run by a married couple, former racing driver Rod Millen and his wife Shelly, and takes place annually on their Leadfoot Ranch in the beautiful Coromandel.

What has happened to the couple during the Covid crisis is almost unbelievable. In February Shelly flew to Los Angeles to visit her mother who was unwell. When she tried to return home she was denied entry back to NZ and has spent the 5 months since in unsuccesful attempts to return to her home and husband.

Now Rod has been told that his wife can come back - but only if he goes to fetch her! So next week the 70-year-old New Zealander will fly to California to bring Shelley back to the ranch they have jointly owned for 15 years.

I love New Zealand and very much hope to get back there soon, hopefully for the festival. But the country's much-publicised Covid-free status seems to have been achieved at great personal cost to some of its residents.

Coronavirus: Racing legend Rod Millen flying to LA to bring wife back to NZ
Posted By: Budster

Re: Leadfoot 2021 and NZ Covid-19 - 28/08/20 11:43 AM

My son is a hospital doctor in New Zealand and an NZ citizen.
The NZ government drew the line, on monitored entry to the country, at citizens, rather than residents.
A tough call, with some cases of hardship like the one you report.
However, the overall effect of the policy seems to have worked.

Ian. I hope you are able to get back to NZ soon.
I should have been there earlier this year, for a joint celebration.
My son’s 40th and my 70th!

4/4 - Stanley
Posted By: +8Rich

Re: Leadfoot 2021 and NZ Covid-19 - 28/08/20 12:09 PM

That does seem a little extreme but it's working unlike Doris bumbling through, she is impressive they are lucky to have her in charge, she would have kicked Dominic Cummings arse so hard he wouldn't know teatime from breakfast time not the Doris weasel appeasement that we saw a truly sad example of weak leadership.
Posted By: John V6

Re: Leadfoot 2021 and NZ Covid-19 - 28/08/20 02:03 PM

Agreed Richard. She is impressive.
Posted By: Ian Wegg

Re: Leadfoot 2021 and NZ Covid-19 - 30/08/20 08:15 AM

I guess this was inevitable, Leadfoot 2021 has now been cancelled.
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