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No trip meter

Posted By: Bertie1

No trip meter - 28/08/18 08:35 PM

I have a 2007 build 4/4 with white instrument dials.
However, the odometer does not have a trip meter, and this makes it difficult when we do charity car runs where directions and distances are given in tenths of a mile.
Does anyone know if it is possible to retro fit one?
Posted By: Ray

Re: No trip meter - 28/08/18 08:43 PM

Are you sure you don't have a trip. My new to me 07 4/4 trip needs a lot of pressing on the button to get any response. It does work but it makes you work first.
Posted By: Bertie1

Re: No trip meter - 28/08/18 08:46 PM

Thanks, but there is not even a button to press!
Posted By: Ray

Re: No trip meter - 28/08/18 08:52 PM

Mine is on the face of the speedo clock.,...strange.
Posted By: Alistair

Re: No trip meter - 28/08/18 09:31 PM

If you have a smart phone are you allowed to use this ? There are plenty of applications you can download that can provide this using GPS.
Posted By: milligoon

Re: No trip meter - 29/08/18 06:05 AM

What make is the speedo?

Smiths or VDO?

Being secondhand who knows what the previous owner did? If it is a Smiths then there should be a reset button on a flying lead that protrudes through the lower plastic cover.
Posted By: lowebird

Re: No trip meter - 29/08/18 07:57 AM

Bertie 1,
Try looking under the front edge of the dashboard, there should be a small black button. This will activate the trip.
It took me a year to find out about mine.
Posted By: Bertie1

Re: No trip meter - 31/08/18 09:19 PM

Thanks for all the ideas.
No hidden buttons, and no flying leads, so best option might be the app for smartphone.
Posted By: Redfate

Re: No trip meter - 04/09/18 01:49 PM

I found my trip button today, it's tiny and it was under the rev counter :-)
I was scared to press it at first as I wasn't sure what it would do, (maybe a hidden ignition cut off or something similar) but it was my trip meter. I'm so pleased.
Thanks guys, these threads are so useful :-)
Posted By: CooperMan

Re: No trip meter - 14/11/18 02:01 PM

Late to this thread, but may be of use

We use a free app called Rally Tripmeter (it's symbol is a chequered flag) designed by Siim Plangi

It's accurate and very easy to use & vital when you do tulip maps in a 50 yr old Mini
Posted By: John V6

Re: No trip meter - 14/11/18 03:40 PM

And for a 2005 Roadster as you can't see the odometer & to work the trip you need very thin fingers that bend oddly. A great app
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