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S1 Aero 8 ...... For Sale

Posted By: TISPKJ

S1 Aero 8 ...... For Sale - 25/10/18 04:22 PM

Hi Guys, first post and sadly maybe not here for long.

I am the guy that purchased Simon / Lee's old car earlier this year.
I have not really jelled with the car but had a great trip to the factory and then on to wales and used most weekends over the summer, fabulous car but not really for me plus if I keep it really needs to go into storage over the winter.

I have spoken to Simon who is very keen to have the car back and I have given him first refusal, however not being in a position to buy right now if anyone here is interested please contact me.

You all know ballpark what I paid for the car so I'm not looking to make a profit but would like my money back.
Car is booked into BHM first week of Nov for a major service and it has 11 months MOT

Posted By: simonjrw

Re: S1 Aero 8 ...... For Sale - 25/10/18 05:52 PM

As Paul said, he was kind enough to give me first refusal on the car and if my GT40 replica had already sold, I’d bite his arm off.
Sadly it’s not sold and I’m not even in a position to give Paul a deposit so it’s being offered on the forum.
If anyone is looking for an S1, I can tell you this is a cracking example, the paintwork is superb and the car is pretty much like new. The steering “issues” which sometimes rear their head have been fully sorted by Simon Hall and with still a very low mileage it’s a fine example. Obviously if you buy it, I’ll never speak to you again........😜

Posted By: TISPKJ

Re: S1 Aero 8 ...... For Sale - 25/10/18 06:02 PM

Whilst I said above I have used and enjoyed the car, it still only has 11k miles on the clock so is probably one of the lowest mileage cars out there.
It has been garaged all its life and as such has none of the corrosion issues that can effect the cars.
Posted By: TISPKJ

Re: S1 Aero 8 ...... For Sale - 26/10/18 09:16 AM

For anyone interested and unfamilier with the car Lee ( good friend from school days and collector of all nice things with 4 wheels ) the previous owner worded his add as per the link below.

Only thing I have recently found out and worthy of a mention is that the additional Le Mans bonnet and front cooling vents were in fact done by the now MD of Morgan Motor Company.

So something along the lines of "Lovingly hand crafted by the boss of MMC" would be appropriate ... :-)
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