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Mr Plod

Posted By: MossyfromNZ

Mr Plod - 16/11/20 04:02 AM

Here's some earlier footage from my computer.

In general, I applaud Mr. Plod's efforts but sometimes it's best to turn into a side road and bypass spots where the focus is on 'pulling over and checking random cars'. Sometimes you just don't want to attract attention.

The 'short-shift gear change' was because there simply wasn't any competition. Later, the siren was not for me.
Posted By: John V6

Re: Mr Plod - 16/11/20 08:44 AM

Thanks Brian. Great to hear that exhaust again.
Posted By: Luddite

Re: Mr Plod - 16/11/20 11:23 AM

Brian, many thanks for taking the time to look through your earlier footage while enjoying your Morgan and share it with us. I spend rather a lot of time enjoying vids that seem to have reached epidemic numbers of availability on the interweb, though in truth in terms of Morgan content, I enjoy yours far more than most others because I can relate to them so easily, especially your occasional naughty boy antics... THANKS for that.

I hope to arrive at the stage of making at least one similar vid around my local roads, though I have yet to overcome the wind noise issue that bugs me. I had bought a pinky sized remote mic for my GoPro with a cat and tried it in a couple of positions which was an improvement though not by much, so bought an extension lead to place it nearer to the exhaust, then Covid hit so did not get round to testing it, and with colder weather on the cards for the next five months or so in my part of the world, looks like it will be a while before might be able to attempt to match the sound quality of your vids Brian, that is IF my old +8 might ever sound as good on vid as does your four... (-:

Other than sound I would still have to learn how to edit and include a bit of music too, perhaps a worthy challenge during the Winter/Lockdown period...Hmm..?
Posted By: MossyfromNZ

Re: Mr Plod - 16/11/20 08:25 PM

Thanks John V6 and Luddite.
The Winter Lockdown project will be a worthwhile one as far as familiarising yourself (Luddite) with video editing etc. Some 20 years ago I threw away both my Cellphone and my Watch. I've survived without either of them ever since. I'm not exactly 'computer illiterate' but do find technology challenging at times. So for me the prospect of filming, editing, and loading up youtube footage was a pretty daunting task. And yet it all fell into place fairly easily with the 'GoPro Studio' and 'Quik' editing tools. You probably have picked that I use a single GoPro Hero 3 (old) camera and that this necessitates multiply runs over the same bit of road etc in order to reposition the camera and get some flow to the footage, and to avoid simply having a 'down the bonnet' view. Personally, I've found the whole exercise extremely rewarding and will be able to re-live the memories (as a result of the videos) in my later years ... perhaps when confined to a mobility scooter and unable to enjoy the motorway. Perhaps a turbo charged mobility scooter.
Posted By: Luddite

Re: Mr Plod - 17/11/20 11:11 AM

Brian, in choosing my forum I.D. as Luddite, I guess I was expressing my frustration with the rate of change in technological advance in that given prior to retirement I was involved with resolving tec issues that ever seemed to be time critical, like you I have not worn a watch since retirement, but still have a cell phone which only a select few have the number of..

I value greatly the pics I have gathered of the cars I have owned over the years, and the idea of capturing a vid of my Morgan for my own use for some time when I may neither be able to use it or may have sold it which was the only reason I bought a GoPro. Whether I can suppress my Luddite tendencies enough to create reasonable sound quality or not, time will tell.

Thanks for the hints and tips Brian, much appreciated.. thumbs
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