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Plastic header tank - coolant

Posted By: DaveW

Plastic header tank - coolant - 31/12/14 04:38 PM

This is just a quick note relating to the cars with the header tank which straddles the wiper motor.

On the 2012 4/4, it presses up against the heater box, which has a sharp down-turned edge. I protected this sometime ago with a high density neoprene strip. Today I checked underneath the tank, and it has rubbed on the edge of the wiper motor. The rubbing has lifted a small strip of plastic, but has not done enough to penetrate the tank. The solution is to loosen off the U clamp which secures the wiper motor, and ease it away from the tank towards the outside of the car. About half an inch will suffice. Make sure it clears the bonnet. I added a patch of neoprene as a precaution.

Next I checked the Roadster. On the 2005 car the underside of the heater box is flat, so even though it's in firm contact with the header tank, it won't wear away. Underneath there was a small gap between the wiper motor & tank, but to be on the safe side I loosened the U clamp and slid the motor away by a half inch. The nuts on my wiper motor clamp are different sizes!

So, it's worth checking the clearance.
Posted By: Burgundymog

Re: Plastic header tank - coolant - 31/12/14 05:26 PM

I'm gonna have to buy some shares in Neoprene winky deffo a cure all happy3
Posted By: John V6

Re: Plastic header tank - coolant - 01/01/15 10:39 AM

Thanks Dave went straight out to check my Roadster & found the same issue.
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