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Plus8 wheel nut torque

Posted By: Jads

Plus8 wheel nut torque - 07/07/19 02:30 PM

Hi all.
I expect this has been asked before, but what is the recommended torque for the standard Plus8 5 stud alloy wheels on my 1999 car ? I have seen 60 and 70 lbs/ft quoted on Morgan threads, but there is nothing in the handbook.
Best wishes.
Posted By: RWDavis

Re: Plus8 wheel nut torque - 07/07/19 03:15 PM

I use 65 foot pounds. If you go too tight, you chance pulling the steel inserts out of the alloys.

Posted By: Button

Re: Plus8 wheel nut torque - 08/07/19 12:04 AM

I use 80 in/lbs. My Brit Mechanic gave Me that number to use and I do check the torque with a torque wrench after the tire shop does their dirty work. Always way too tight when the tire shop does this. I have alloy wheels on My +8. My guess 65 to 80 lbs would be OK but I am not an expert on this stuff.
Posted By: sospan

Re: Plus8 wheel nut torque - 08/07/19 09:27 AM

2002 Plus8
I use 70 on the torque wrench.
No issues throughout ownership.
Standard Morgan alloys with stainless nuts.
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