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He is back

Posted By: Spanner Juggler

He is back - 23/11/19 11:50 AM

Well chaps, after a long absence I am back on TM, too many boring details but shortly after selling the +4 (thought that was the end of Morgans for me after 19 years) I was advised of a terminal condition, prognosis was 9-12 months. After the first 6 months of treatments however they now advise me that although too late for a cure I am responding better than expected and to quote them we can now plan for year (just a few) rather than months.... so guess what I did? Of course I bought another Morgan, a 2012 4/4 Black on Black, 20,000 miles and a beauty. Just need to inspect fully on Wednesday next week but that's a formality I am sure. I am after a swap of the steering wheel so will put a WANTED on the forum if anyone has what I am after?

Cheers and good to be back although I have been reading in the interim.

Posted By: KEVFITZ

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 11:58 AM

Great News Colin..good to see you back !!!!

Keep strong !!!
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 12:02 PM

Thanks, yes was out for a pre chemo fish supper with 3 Morgan good mates and just had the good news form the hospital and was musing about another Morgan and one really good buddy said stop talking about it just do it..... 48 hours later the deal was done ;-0 time is too precious to spend watching the clock go round and waiting. No need for violin music but more miles in me yet a while!
Posted By: KEVFITZ

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 12:05 PM

That's the spirit !!!

My treatment changed my attitude to life and much to many peoples annoyance I became naughtier than ever !!!

If it still feels as exciting waiting for your next Morgan then you know it is right!!!

Good Luck
Posted By: +8Rich

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 12:25 PM

Great news, welcome back to the rest of your Morgan journeying.

What a great spec car that is.
Posted By: Paul F

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 12:26 PM

That 4/4 Sport looks splendid.

One detail - the MotoLita steering wheel looks like one of the fatter rimmed ones so you may be OK if a leather rimmed wheel takes a while to obtain.
Posted By: madmax

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 01:02 PM

Long may your return continue ! ! wine
Posted By: Ian Wegg

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 01:16 PM

And just as I was catching up your post count!! Welcome back.
Posted By: Ray

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 01:22 PM

Excellent news, good luck,
Posted By: Luddite

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 01:27 PM

Just got to say HI Colin...... VERY long time no see... Buying another Morgan... I remember when you bought your first, selling m/cycles as part of the acquisition process...(-: Still messing around in the garage...? ENJOY.. thumbs
Posted By: DaveW

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 01:34 PM

Welcome back Colin!! wine
Posted By: Lord Unstone

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 01:59 PM

Reight pleased for you Col...hope to see you with it in a couple of weeks..
Posted By: xc68anc

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 03:05 PM

Welcome back! For a good look in the future!

Posted By: James B W

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 03:11 PM

welcome back Colin party

Great to hear that the treatment is working and you absolutely do the right thing in getting another Morgan thumbs

Keep the faith.....

Posted By: Taffmog

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 03:24 PM

Welcome back Colin, lovely looking car. Hope you have many miles of smiles in it and best wishes....
Posted By: lowebird

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 03:45 PM

Brilliant news, lets hope you confound the specialists and go on to be silly for a long, long time.
Posted By: Hamwich

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 03:56 PM

Marvellous news, well done mate.
Posted By: Button

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 03:57 PM

Great news Colin. I missed You Nothing has changed other than I will be 90 next February. Still driving My Morgans but it is getting harder and harder to get in and out.
Posted By: HeadlessBlue

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 04:32 PM

Welcome back. Not that I knew you first time round but have read many of your previous postings going through TM records 👍
Posted By: SFG

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 04:46 PM

Super choice of colours
Posted By: Heinz

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 05:04 PM

Welcome back, Colin. This is wonderful news. I have always appreciated your advice very much. For example, when it came to Mulberry springs for the front axle and on many other occasions. Enjoy the beautiful black 4/4!
Posted By: PhilRoyle

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 05:07 PM

Welcome back - enjoy the 4/4 - it`s the best medicine I ever had.
Posted By: BertR

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 05:32 PM

Colin, I wished this was not happening to you, sorry to hear about this. I admire you getting yourself a Morgan again and putting smiling miles on it. Take care.
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:06 PM

You guys got me emotional here.... maybe it’s the Hormone Therapy but I doubt it. Smiling here I have missed this so much. We have moved house (back to Solihull) to be closer to family, that’s was before the medical situation, smaller garage but better access so working on the car very restricted anyway. Just tinkering these days. No more kingpins ;-)
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:07 PM

Forgive a stupid question but what does the OP mean next to names?
Posted By: DaveW

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:09 PM

Original Poster grin2
Posted By: +8Rich

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:09 PM

Original Poster Colin. No stupid questions on here just questions quite a few of which you have answered for the TM community over the years grouphug.
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:25 PM

Ah makes sense that’s new since my last visit. Excellent was to track who asked. Cheers
Posted By: SimonH

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:41 PM

Good to see you back Colin

Did you move to Warwick in the end?

You’ll have to pop in for a cuppa

Simon @ Sifab
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:45 PM

Hi Simon, Warwick?? That was not on the plan, it’s Solihull mate why has always been home even after 30 years in Leicester. It was always the plan to come ‘home’ as soon as my wife retired, having grandchildren close to as the main driver. We have bought a place less than 3 miles from our first home and under a mile from where SWMBO was raised.
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:52 PM

I remember your lovely car Phil and how much you were enjoying it, it was actually a part of me deciding to go down an engine size (I have worked my way through a T16 +4, a 4.0 GEMS+8, 2 Duratec 2.0 ltrs and now a Sigma 1.6), that sounds like it was a conscious decision where the truth is, as if often the case, the car chose me ;-).

Posted By: CooperMan

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 06:53 PM

Welcome back to the Morgan & TM fold Colin, I hope the future is good to you
Posted By: andymot

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 07:31 PM

Great to see Mr juggler of spanners back - looking forward to hearing all about your new Morgan. ( Great choice by the way!)
Posted By: SteveT

Re: He is back - 23/11/19 08:23 PM

Glad you are back Colin and enjoy the 4/4 , looks a cracker...all the best.
Posted By: Scrambledsignals

Re: He is back - 24/11/19 03:08 AM

When I was working I spent a lot of time in Cancer Diagnostics.

We got a lot of "frequent fliers" that were several years post treatment. It seemed to me that those that had a very positive view on life did better than those that were more dispondant about their prognosis.

One memorable person who was ten years after his bowel cancer treatment used to say " I look in the deaths column every week in the local newspaper, and if my name is not in it I figure I am winning"

I think he was correct in his view and those that take a positive view do better.

Get back into a Morgan and enjoy every moment, it can only be beneficial.
Posted By: Peter J

Re: He is back - 24/11/19 07:00 AM


great to see you back: I'd wondered why you disappeared. Fantastic to see you are back Morganeering!

Life is a terminal condition, the trick to lasting as long as possible is to take each day and enjoy it to the maximum.
Our neighbour across the road has just turned 89: a month ago she had a tumour removed from her upper bowl. At 88 they told her chemo wasn't a good idea as from the biopsy the tumour was very slow growing and was unlikely to return inside 5 years. Her attitude was that the cancer changed nothing, so carry on enjoying life. Last Thursday she took a taxi into town ,went to the hair dresser and then walked over to Cote for lunch, before going shopping at M&S and a taxi home.
Posted By: Robbie

Re: He is back - 24/11/19 09:56 AM

Very good to hear that health is better - kind regards from Ireland
Many happy (s)miles in your new car!!
Posted By: Lowflyer

Re: He is back - 24/11/19 11:30 AM

Must be your best news ever, well done, trust you'll be having the remote king pin greasing kit and making them last forever!
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: He is back - 24/11/19 11:44 AM

The car has already had the remote grease kit fitted, that will sure help with my mobility issues (getting up and down off the floor is a struggle) I need to rig up a camera to monitor grease getting everywhere. I don’t know yet what the pins are, I understand Williams fitted the Suplex kit (that will be reverted back to OE at some stage as I am not a fan of the ‘feel’ but I need to test and see if the pins are Hardchrome or Stainless, if the latter is a full front rebuild next winter if it has HC pins I would just change the springs etc and pop a pair of Mulfab steering bearings in at the same time. No rush and this is all probably a next autumn job anyway.

Posted By: stefan s

Re: He is back - 24/11/19 01:14 PM

Welcome back Colin.
Posted By: RobCol

Re: He is back - 24/11/19 04:40 PM

Great decision Colin, none of us know whats around the corner so that's a good enough reason for any of us to enjoy our Morgans and our lives to the full.
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