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Gearbox removal

Posted By: Dave Turner

Gearbox removal - 22/12/19 09:47 PM

Over the last couple of years my 1997 plus 8 (short door) has been developing a rattle in the gearbox (R380) I have checked and replaced the gear oil with syncromax synthetic but no improvement .
It’s time to think about having a look inside it at the bearings etc , my question is can the gearbox be removed without removing the engine either from below or by removing the tunnel and extracting it through the passenger compartment?
Normally I would just pull the engine / gearbox as a unit but I am currently 2500 Kilometres away from home and have limited tools and equipment with me .
Thanks Dave
Posted By: Dave Turner

Re: Gearbox removal - 22/12/19 10:24 PM

Never mind , I just crawled under the car and there is no way the bell housing would clear the bulkhead , so I guess it will have to wait untill I return home in the spring .
Cheers Dave
Posted By: Ray

Re: Gearbox removal - 22/12/19 10:34 PM

Unfortunately it's an engine out job if you can get enough height on the chain and block the engine and box can be tillted enough to lift out together. I have done it in the past.
Posted By: Andrew Green

Re: Gearbox removal - 22/12/19 11:39 PM

Hi Dave

Just a thought. Are you sure that the rattle comes from inside the gearbox?

All my gearbox rattles have come from the remote gearchange rather than the box itself.

Lots of information to be found on

Best of luck

Andrew Green
Glorious Devon
2002 Plus 8
Posted By: Luddite

Re: Gearbox removal - 23/12/19 08:23 AM

Sorry to read of your gearbox issue Dave. My +8`s engine ran less than smoothly when brought back into use after a lengthy lay-up, at which time my gearbox really rattled when the engine was trying to idle, though seemed fine while under load, I found a split in the diaphragm of one of the carbs and a few other issues that once resolved, removed the rattle from the gearbox..! If nothing as simple as that then perhaps this link might help...

I think some +8 folk changed to Toyota gear boxes..

Good luck.
Posted By: Spanner Juggler

Re: Gearbox removal - 23/12/19 11:06 AM

I was just about to type what Andrew has above. First port of call is the rubber bushings for the remote.

Good luck it’s just those.
Posted By: John V6

Re: Gearbox removal - 23/12/19 11:31 AM

Check both the bushes but also the spring loaded cup on the gear shift. On my 97 +4 the securing tab on the cup broke. This caused a rattle & made gear changes difficult..
Posted By: Luddite

Re: Gearbox removal - 23/12/19 11:45 AM

Given Andrew & Colin`s input, I just thought it might be worth adding that during my +8`s lay-up, I had replaced all the rubber bushes on the remote mounting, which was prior to the gearbox rattle I experienced and was fortunate enough to resolve with an engine tune up..!
Posted By: britmog

Re: Gearbox removal - 23/12/19 04:27 PM

I had a rattle emanating from the gear box in my 94 +8 which turned out to be grub screw coming loose on the remote gear shifter. Certainly make sure you have eliminated all the easy fixes before you start taking the engine and gearbox out.
Posted By: Dave Turner

Re: Gearbox removal - 23/12/19 06:43 PM

Wow guys thanks for all the input .
I have been fooled before with rattles and squeaks coming from different places , I will dig into the remote linkage and see what’s to be found .
While I have your attention what oil are you running in the R380 the land rover gearbox manual calls for ATF M2C33 F or G which I read as type F ATF but Land Rover discovery guys have lots of ideas for alternatives
Thanks Dave
Posted By: +8Rich

Re: Gearbox removal - 23/12/19 06:55 PM

I use a Comma ATF over here in my R380, as you suggest there are many different opinions on this one.
This is what Gomog has to say on the matter.
Posted By: Button

Re: Gearbox removal - 24/12/19 12:02 AM

Don't get talked into converting to a Borg Warner T-5 Transmission. That is what I used when I built My +8 Bitsa. My T-5 works well but I had a mis match of parts to start with. I have driven +8's with the Rover transmission and it worked very well. Maybe better than the T-5 at least as good. I think some +8 Racers in the UK like the T-5 for some reason I am not sure why.
Posted By: Dave Turner

Re: Gearbox removal - 24/12/19 12:27 AM

Oh no I am not switching transmissions, I have a T5 in my TVR Griffith 500 and while the T5 has a taller and more useable first gear I think they are both excellent transmissions . For the most part I start the Morgan in second gear anyway it’s a 4.6 dynoed at near 300hp and buckets of torque .
I have just removed seats tunnel and transmission cover to remove the shift assembly and found some play in the 2 nylon ball joints , not a great deal but I will take care of it tomorrow then I think I will change the oil again while it’s so easy .
Then I suppose I will have to wait until Christmas is out of the way before I can give it a good test run .
Cheers Dave
Posted By: sospan

Re: Gearbox removal - 24/12/19 04:40 PM

John...replacement “cups” for the gearshift are rarer than hen’s teeth. Even rarer than a politician who answers questions!
UKC 3159 is the part number. They have a weakness where the tab snaps due to fatigue. Mine had been welded by a previous owner but strengthening tabs need to be added. I made a small bracket to beef up mine and bolted it above the fixing tab. I also dribble a bit of oil down to reduce friction against the gear lever ball that sits under it. The gear hange is much better with the repaired cup.
A thought........ it appears anyone with the R380 or LT77 box seems to have the issue long term so I wonder if some could be made by an enterprising engineer with access to a suitable press. I guess set up cost and volume are limiting factors though.
Posted By: teknome

Re: Gearbox removal - 24/12/19 10:41 PM

There is also the UKC8764 dust cap which is basically the same as the UKC3159 but the UKC8764 needs some slots cut in it to match those in the UKC3159. I think the UKC8764 was used on the LT77 remote. I used one on my R380 box last year. It is listed by but currently out of stock, may be worth asking them if they will get stock.
Posted By: John V6

Re: Gearbox removal - 25/12/19 08:50 AM

Yep, I built a tab from some scrap metal and pop rivetted it on. 6 months later Rimmers finally sent me a new one.
Posted By: Dave Turner

Re: Gearbox removal - 29/12/19 05:12 AM

Many thanks for the input guys but it looks like it’s gearbox out sometime in the future.
I removed the remote shifter housing and shimmed out a small amount of play in the bushings I also found one of the bell housing bolts had come loose and was touching the bulkhead which I thought was promising , after refitting the bolt and changing the oil for Mobil 1 75/90 synthetic I put the whole thing back together and out for a test run today . The noise is still there though I think possibly reduced , perhaps wishful thinking or the fact that it was cool out today .
It’s prevalent as I come to a stop or slow to a walking pace , doesn’t matter if it’s in gear or neutral , clutch engaged or not it will persist until about 5 seconds after I reach a complete stop then disappear , it sounds quite fast like engine speed rather than road speed and isn’t affected by increasing the engine speed .
There is a small bearing between the gearbox input shaft and the main shaft that is currently the prime suspect but it will have to wait untill I am home in Canada 2000kms away , perhaps a next winter project .
Cheers Dave
Posted By: John V6

Re: Gearbox removal - 29/12/19 09:08 AM

Sorry to hear that Dave. Good luck.
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