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New wheels..

Posted By: Treesurveyor

New wheels.. - 17/05/22 07:36 PM

Well, new to me, as in a new look. I fancied a change to alloys for a while, then I read up on all the tales of how difficult changing hubs was! Undeterred, or maybe just doggedly determined, I sourced wheels and hubs, the latter from Terry at G.E.E. "Do it here" he said, "don't worry, Ive got a spline hub puller and some really long bars somewhere, and if we need to we can heat them up under tension and go for lunch, they may spring off when we're not looking!"
Well, having set too with the front hubs, and peining off the rust build up, I crossed my fingers that Terry could find the puller, and it would work. No need for worry, there was the puller in the corner- well, Terry found it, I could only see a pile of metal, but then I'm not an engineer! but I do usually know where I've put something. "Make sure you wind it on the right side, dont forget to remove washer, put the nut back backwards, and wind it up." Blow me, the rear hub popped off with a couple or three turns! Three cheers Terry! Light work in the end, though I hadn't factored new bearings for the front's ( nearside race was pitted and scored), so back tomorrow to finish off, with Dot on stilts awy from home tonight. Happy with progress so far, and so nice to work on a hard level(ish) surface. Maybe next year I'll get to play indoors!

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Posted By: MOG 615

Re: New wheels.. - 18/05/22 08:25 AM

That was both lucky and a credit to Terry's engineering knowledge and practice .

New bearings are always a good idea if there is any pitting or corrosion on the tracks.
Posted By: xc68anc

Re: New wheels.. - 18/05/22 08:11 PM

Great work!

I love MOGs on alloys.

Greets René
Posted By: Treesurveyor

Re: New wheels.. - 18/05/22 08:37 PM

Frustratingly, still waiting for wheel bearings, so third day tomorrow without driving yet! I've opted for Dunlop SP Sport blue response on the bare spare. Yokohama Advan semislicks on the four corners for now. I think its probably best to switch them out for touring, and keep a set by for trackdays/sprints/hill climbs when I get into all that. Hopefully roll bar fitting tomorrow as well; Have to leave that in the trusted hands of my son, I have to go to work! Something wrong about my equations there! 🤦irked
Posted By: Treesurveyor

Re: New wheels.. - 28/05/22 06:27 PM

Finally got finished up last Wednesday, later than anticipated, and a tad over budget. After waiting for the bearings, turns out the replacement front hubs were incompatible with the the front stub axles- bearings too small. TF made a quick call to Morgan, and sourced the last pair in stock of the correct hubs. They arrived 2 days later, and swiftly had bearings installed. I fitted them on the stub axles, excitedly anticipating mounting the wheels and getting away. Ahh, calipers now wont fit! After some head scratching, (mine) spacers are turned and the discs remounted. Joy at last, 4 Morgan alloy wheels on the ground! Thursdays 275 mile work trip was a good test of the rework, (with a wheel bolt torque check at 100 miles) Cotswold windy roads testing on Friday, with nothing coming apart or un-recognised noises, gave great peace of mind for todays thrash up Shelsley at the inaugural Haggerty Hill Climb there. Great fun, and shaved 4 secs of my previous members day effort; as to whether thats due lighter wheels/reduced unsprung weight, or the fact I swapped my 24 yr old son as passenger for the 11 yr old, whose to say. It being only my second climb, I hesitate to say it's down to my improved performance.
Either way, I love the new look.

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Posted By: John V6

Re: New wheels.. - 28/05/22 08:28 PM

Well done
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