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Wanted Aero 8

Posted By: rodbin

Wanted Aero 8 - 15/01/22 06:23 AM

I am looking for a series 4 or 5 aero 8 automatic consider any colour other than green
Posted By: Peter J

Re: Wanted Aero 8 - 16/01/22 12:32 PM

PM Sent.
Posted By: +8Rich

Re: Wanted Aero 8 - 16/01/22 12:47 PM

There are a couple on here.
Posted By: Matt C

Re: Wanted Aero 8 - 18/01/22 03:36 PM

My S3 Manual will be coming up for sale soon, not what you're looking for I know... getcoat
Posted By: Alistair

Re: Wanted Aero 8 - 19/01/22 05:19 PM

To be fair the difference between an S3 and an S4 is not as critical, it would be worth a look if you can accept a manual (only S4/Max/5/Coupe/SS/Plus 8 offered Auto with the 4.8)

The S3 had the uprated nose with normal eyeballs, the 4.4L was a nice engine and rev'd really well. Worth a visit if a manual is an option?
Posted By: rodbin

Re: Wanted Aero 8 - 22/01/22 05:21 PM

Thanks have now included S3 and contacted Matt fingers crossed
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