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Heater not working 😩
by rory kim - 24/09/23 03:46 PM
Bell V-280 Valor?
by bmgermany - 24/09/23 01:02 PM
Noise I could get used to
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The Malvern Arms Jump to new posts
Re: Rugby World Cup 2023 Arwyn Williams 25/09/23 06:36 AM
As Max Boyce would say.....'I was there"

By far the best match I have been to.

Eddie said the Australian team had been in training and would win. The reality was they played like they had just met in the car park 5 mins before kick off and decided to play as individuals.

Can't imagine the Japanese showing much interest in Eddie after this shambles

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Classic Morgans (pre-CX) Jump to new posts
Re: Monty Goes to Prescott bmgermany 25/09/23 06:28 AM
Montegue what a great result for your first exercise drive.

I can't wait to read how things and times go on....
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX) Jump to new posts
Re: Possibly a Morgan owner again soon... ChrisConvertible 25/09/23 02:32 AM
Just in case I was not clear by "Raad this story - Then buy it" I mean buy the Connaught Green Morgan +4, that MGB will not be for sale for a few decades.

I feel guilty because my son loved my Silvia Convertible and at the time the hail storm rote it off I didn't get a lot from the insurance company but I was not feeling like spending a lot of money to fix it and the only way to keep it was to not take any money from the Insurance company. With hindsight I should have just kept the wreck and fixed it for him, we have photos of him in the car at 4 years of age, not something he can ever repeat with another car.
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Maintenance & Servicing Jump to new posts
Re: Gearbox crunches and clicks in every gear Calypso Red 24/09/23 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by RichardV6
For the sake of clarity the metal inserts are not crush tubes per se simply spacers. They should certainly not be tightened against until they crush as that would defeat their purpose.

Noted thanks. thumbs
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3 Jump to new posts
Re: Fuel Sender britmog 24/09/23 10:11 PM
I find taking the laptop to access my Excel spreadsheets for filling up a touch inconvenient as with the slide rule, the finger in the air and I've driven for a while so better fill up resistance method has worked well for the last 10 years.
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Maintenance & Servicing Jump to new posts
Re: Heater not working 😩 John V6 24/09/23 10:05 PM
We bought a second hand Renault 5 in the late 70s. I had to flush the heater box with a garden hose. It was full of muck. Just thought.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX) Jump to new posts
Re: Tell me about Roadsters John V6 24/09/23 10:03 PM
In the end it is sin tax and the grin is worth it.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan) Jump to new posts
Re: Bell V-22 Osprey britmog 24/09/23 10:00 PM
The widow makers or "Death Flight" as they are referred too. I was recently part of a guard of honour at the funeral for a local US Marine Major who was killed in an Osprey crash in Australia a month ago, he was the Squadron Commander. Many years ago when 45 Commando RM were on exercise with the US Marines they were scheduled to be deployed from ship in Osprey's, the CO refused to have his men go near the things and famously declared "they will go by landing craft and foot as they have always done".
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The Malvern Arms Jump to new posts
Re: New speed limit in Wales clarification KennethM 24/09/23 09:53 PM
[Linked Image]
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Morgan Aero 8, 2012< Plus 8, SuperSports, Coupe & Aeromax Jump to new posts
Re: Aero 8 S2 headlight part number and fitment NickCW 24/09/23 08:52 PM
The lights are from a "New" Beetle of the 2002 origin (without electric levelling i.e. basic ones), no modifications needed although you may need to file down a few plastic edges to make them fit flush to the wings, this varies car to car.

The problem is sourcing them, VW have discontinued them - and its incredibly hard to find OE quality lamps from suppliers in the UK (Morgan had nothing when I rang and when they had previously the price was 5/6 times higher than elsewhere).

The originals on the car can vary in labelling, mine were from Bosch but the Magnetti Marelli/VW branded variants are identical with some of the numbers printed on them overlapping or corresponding to each other. I suspect they all originate from the same factory/moulds.
They all seem to look the same and be are good quality, the alternative aftermarket ones I tried were not very well built and I wasn't happy with them so spent months searching for the OE parts.

Part numbers below:
VW Code
NS 1c2941029d
OS 1c2941030d

NS 0 301 163 603
OS 0 301 163 604

NS 710301163603 MHL2155 - this is OS Aero
OS 471441480 - this is NS Aero
Product Code: 471441470 LH Lamp assy
Product Code: 471441480 RH Lamp Assy"

The lamps are mounted on opposite sides, so NS is OS and vice-versa. I think my notes above are the Beetle sides, so the opposite applies to the Aero. Doesn't matter if you need a pair though.

Try searching on eBay for VW specialists, or try big multi-national car motor parts factors - some used to stock Magnetti Marelli ones for very good prices, but when I was searching no one had anything.

Hope that helps.
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX) Jump to new posts
Re: So, have you driven your Morgan today? RichardV6 24/09/23 08:40 PM
A great day out, some more pics from Diss.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX) Jump to new posts
Re: Spotted today Image 24/09/23 07:45 PM
Originally Posted by Graham, G4FUJ
Rather tasty Series Landy Keith! Tyres are a bit on the wide side though grin2

I know ... I'm imagining a chav in corduroy and leather elbow patches πŸ™‚

Gordon .... not been to the museum in ages, so probably worth a return visit as exhibits do change .... would have popped in but had another committment at lunchtime ... good collection last time I was there .... also liked the Moray Museum in Nairn some unusual and interesting cars.

Your run over the lecht looked good!

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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles) Jump to new posts
Re: My Top Twenty CX Tweaks howard 24/09/23 07:30 PM
I enjoyed reading Gonze's list of improvements, and the idea of having a car that you can potter with in this way is quite attractive. Some of the improvements were ingenious. But as a non Morgan owner I have to question having to do some of the "improvem,ents" at all on a car that costs as much as a Plus Four. For that matter, arent alarms standard even on the meanest Renault?

Where is the dividing line between character and fault?
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan) Jump to new posts
Re: Seen on the Dart recently TalkMorgan 24/09/23 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Graham, G4FUJ
I like the concept. And there are much uglier cars out there.

As was mentioned earlier, the first one Richard posted was a Dutton Surf, based on a Suzuki Jimny.

JB62's photo is of the later incarnation, the Dutton Reef, based on the Ford Fiesta - so lacking the 4WD of the Surf.

Tim Dutton is no longer making them but the company is up for sale if anyone fancies their on amphicar business.

A Reef was recently auctioned, unsuccessfully on Car & Classic:

Or Dutton have a nearly new Surf for sale if you need the four wheel drive option grin2
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles) Jump to new posts
Re: Have you driven your CX today? CLPlusFour 24/09/23 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by +8Rich
Brilliant Clemens, it's a dangerous game you are playing laugh2

Sometimes I am overcome with something like courage Richard πŸ˜‡
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles) Jump to new posts
Re: Plus4 CooperMan 24/09/23 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by Sir Percival
Every time you go out in it you never know if you’re going to get home again without the aid of a breakdown truck!
Sir P

Had two pals with E Types, that's just what they used to say wink
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3 Jump to new posts
Re: Ign Coil Testing Herrie 24/09/23 02:42 PM
Reply on β€œ Ign Coil Testing β€œ

Hi all
I am not sure if I have a coil problem, the information here and on the internet is a little confusing.
In Ian’s alternative part-list he writes about the type β€˜31655-99’

There are several Harley You-tubes about coil testing and most of them state that the primary should be around 3 Ohm.
And the secondary around 12k Ohm.
All single fire HD coils do have a three wire input for the coil.
From the three pins the middle one is the main Voltage and the two side pins are for triggering the front or the aft cylinder.
So measurements are taken from one of the side pins and the middle pin.

VA multi-meters are not correct when they have to measure 3 or less Ohm.
Because of the expected low Ohm on these pins, you can use two VA multi-meters. One as current meter and one parallel to the 12V source.
And calculate the Ohm – R = V/I -- out of the measured current and the measured Voltage.
I used a battery and a short push switch so I cannot damage/heat the coil.

I tested mine and the primary is around 0,75 Ohm and the secondary is 12kOhm.
So I thought mine is wrong and ordered a new one.
I tested the new one too and the primaries are again 0,75 Ohm and the secondary 12 kOhm.

I found a website with some HD coil info
There is stated
>> Single fire coil testing for carbed (ICM) rubsters, 2004-2006
Coil 31655-99 has three connectorized primary terminals (- + -), referenced 1 (rear) 2 (12 VDC) 3 (front) and twin coil towers.
Primary resistance is from + to -, both 2 to 1 and 2 to 3 at 0.5 to 0.7 ohms.
Secondary (high voltage) winding resistance is tested from coil tower to coil tower at 5,500 ohms to 7,500 ohms.

>> Single fire coil testing for Sportster Sport (1998-2003)
Coil 31646-99 has three connectorized primary terminals (- + -), referenced A (front) B (12 VDC) C (rear) and twin coil towers.
Primary resistance is from + to -, both B to A and B to C at 0.4 to 0.6 ohms. For the 1200S (dual plug heads), measure secondary resistance between both front coil towers and then between both rear coil towers at 11,700 to 12,700 ohms.

So this creates even more questions.
Q1 : Is this website correct?
Q2 : Do we really have a 31655-99 - it is printed on the new one, but not on the old one - because why then a secondary output of 12k instead of 7k Ohm?
Q3 : In this TM #578649 AncientMariner - I am an ancient Mariner too πŸ˜‰ - speaks about 3Ohm but both the 31655-99 and the 31646-99 single coils do have 0,75 Ohm or even less.
What is the Ohm-reading we need on the Primary?
Q4 : What in case of a lower Ohm-reading
Q4 : Where to find the correct specs?


PS TM Posting editor seems to be really slow at the moment.
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Welcome Forum Jump to new posts
Re: New Member from Barrie ,Ontario, Canada bmgermany 24/09/23 12:42 PM
Also welcome to TM from northern Germany!
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Morgan Plus Six & Plus Four (CX-Generation Vehicles) Jump to new posts
Gauges not working sospan 24/09/23 11:10 AM
On the way home from Friday’s noggin the speedo, rev counter, fuel, temp gauges all cut out. No power so dark and needles all at the zero point.The LED screen was still working. Engine working fine and no warning lights came on. After a couple of miles the gauges came back ok but soon failed again. No other symptoms from the engine/ no warning lights/ engine running smoothly.
Fuses checked ok. Disconnected the battery to try a reboot. Still no gauges. Car starts as normal and sounds ok running.
Looks like a lost connection, module failure, behind the dash somewhere.
Car has done 4k+ miles since new a few weeks ago. The only glitch was the hood tenax stud fastener just behind the door snapped inside on the screw thread part.( mrs sospan replaced it unknown to me when I was raising the hood rear to put stuff onto the shelf) so replaced with a different one with two screw fixing holes. The originals are plated brass and seem to have a weakness for snapping and need drilling out. I think the newer version with stainless screws might be better, albeit two holes drilled to fit. I have done the broken side only so far to see how it goes before doing the other one.The procedure for the hood raising/ lowering now includes a verbal check on tenax release!
It’s going in to Williams for a handbrake check in just over a week so the gauges is another job for them!
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Morgan Three Wheeler & Super 3 Jump to new posts
Re: Grindelwald - The long way home PeterG 24/09/23 06:35 AM
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The Malvern Arms Jump to new posts
Re: Noise I could get used to BobtheTrain 23/09/23 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by Brian G
I could live with that soundtrack. Excellent πŸ‘πŸ»
I nearly do!
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Classic Morgans (pre-CX) Jump to new posts
Re: Ford GDI OIL CATCHCAN Tresco 23/09/23 09:03 PM
Originally Posted by Themorganeer
Tried a can of Sea Foam earlier this year. A two person job, as one holds the engine on 2000rpm while the other squirts the foam into the inlet. There is a curved plastic tube to facilitate this.

Just as Dave notes, nothing happened at first but after a mile driving up a local country lane the rear view mirror was filled with an enormous cloud of smoke that dispersed after about five to ten seconds.

Have to say I cannot detect any noticeable performance improvement since.

As it happens, today I tipped a can of JLM GDI Injector Cleaner into the full petrol tank. Shall see what happens.

I have blanked off the large bore pipe at the inlet tract and a small air filter adorns the open end of the breather pipe as it dangles next to the bulkhead. There is no evidence of oil at the pipe outlet.

Have so fat failed to find the small bore breather. Must try harder banghead

I have just been looking at the JLM cleaner and was wondering about using it.
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan) Jump to new posts
Re: Frontlines Latest Offerings Lordofthewings 23/09/23 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by nick w
Is it just me...? In every picture of frontline mg I've seen here on the forum, the doorline looks poor. I keep noticing it but I also notice noone else mentions it. Am I being over critical? After all, they're not cheap. Nick
You think that's bad ? Have a look at this "fully restored" car currently for sale near here by a reputable classic dealer. Bonnet fit ? It's so bad I had to photograph it.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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The Malvern Arms Jump to new posts
Re: First and second CooperMan 23/09/23 05:55 PM
^ blimey the queue for the toilets will be huge innocent
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Vehicle Talk (non-Morgan) Jump to new posts
Re: DB5 V8 Dean-Royal 23/09/23 05:28 PM
What the DB5 should of always been.
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